10 Myths About Atheism

It is 2021 and most humanoids still really don’t genuinely understand what atheism is, and honestly, I’m not all that amazed taking into consideration 50 % the fucking earth right now is debating no matter if or not to conserve on their own from a most likely deadly virus. I suggest, as considerably as positions on the existence of gods go, atheism has bought to be the least intricate as basically a lack of belief, but people just cannot look to grasp it. It is as if the much more clear-cut anything is, the more tricky men and women insist it has to be and refuse to see what it genuinely is. I get these misconceptions consistently and it’s dull and tiring and I’m more than it. Like, I’d truthfully instead pay attention to Ben Shapiro’s spoken-word, censored rendition of WAP for 3 times straight than handle these asinine myths still once more, but listed here we are. Listed here we fucking go.

Atheism is a perception

A assumed experiment if you will. Let’s, for a second, imagine beliefs were being physical objects that we saved in an aged milk crate below the stairs, like your VHS collection or possibly your old sports investing cards. In my belief box, there is my faith that I will 1 working day see the Cleveland Browns at the Super Bowl. There is also the belief that ice product is overrated and that just one of the best lyricists of our time is Michael Stipe from R.E.M. Now, in the aged belief crate saved less than the stairs of a Christian, there would be a belief that Jesus is our saviour, God is true and we’re all headed to both Heaven or Hell depending on whether or not or not we chose to consume shellfish. If you seemed in my belief crate for that perception, you wouldn’t come across it. There is no belief in its area. The god belief has in no way been in my perception box, not even for a temporary moment, in all 44 decades I have been on this earth. There’s no blank location in my crate where by my god belief employed to be. My worldview as a lifer atheist has no space for god. That signifies I have no beliefs one particular way or one more in relation to the existence of gods. I really do not take into account god a worthwhile issue to have beliefs about, like faeries or el chupacabra or Suto’vo’qor. When the working day arrives that I see compelling evidence to think about a god’s existence, that may perhaps transform, but until eventually then, there are no beliefs regarding the existence of gods in my belief crate below the stairs. My atheism describes a lack of belief. It is nonsensical to assert that this deficiency of a specific belief is in alone a belief.

All atheists have the exact same worldview

There is only one particular prevalent thread in all atheists and that is the deficiency of perception in any gods. There are some atheists who assert they know there are no gods, and there are other people who imagine in ghosts and psychics and woo. Some atheists consider you can stir up demons with an Ouija board and other people consider you can transcend this “realm” with a fistful of peyote. There are atheists who imagine this is all a simulation and many others even now who’ve fallen into Qanon. Atheist conservatives exist at the same time as atheist leftists and atheist centrists. There are atheists who like science and math and nerdy items, and others who are far more artsy and whimsical. Some atheists could pay attention to Wu-Tang for several hours although other people could possibly want to line dance to Billy Ray. Although you could possibly be challenging-pressed to come across an atheist who will not perform air guitar along with Slayer’s South of Heaven, those styles of nonbelievers do exist. The issue of all this rambling is that the sole, singular, solitary point we all have in widespread is that we deficiency a perception in a god. That a person position on one particular claim is not sufficient to constitute an whole worldview, so while atheists do in truth have worldviews, atheism alone is not 1, and every single of us has a worldview that is various from the many others.

Atheists claim there is no god

Here’s the factor: there are atheists who do claim to know there is no god, that is true. What is not legitimate is that this applies to all atheists. This is a subset of atheists. I don’t belong to this subset. Irrespective of having lived my entire existence lacking any perception in deities, I do not claim to know there are zero. In some means, it’s a technicality: I cannot have this information so I don’t assert to. In other strategies, it’s about the absurdity of the claim. If anyone calls me up to inform me their arm is produced of cauliflower, this assert is not anything I am then likely to evaluate. I’m not likely to weigh the proof for or towards. I will simply dismiss the declare as absurd until finally I see any proof that supports it. This is how I come to feel about the god declare. It’s absurd. The strategy does not endure the slightest amount of rational believed, and, though technically I are unable to verify there are no gods like I just can’t confirm the mystery caller’s arm is not made of cauliflower, there is no need to have for me to evaluate its truthfulness right up until I see one thing that makes me look at there is a probability the claim is real. Until eventually then, I make no statements about gods, just like I make no promises about Pluto’s south pole smelling like ass. It could. Who is familiar with? Maybe? But right up until there exists nearly anything at all to recommend 1 way or the other, I’ll shelve that idea proper following to the assert that absorbing sunlight by way of your butthole helps prevent the leakage of life drive electricity.

Atheists despise religious individuals

The amusing detail about this common myth is that it stems from spiritual individuals hating these who hold differing sights – whilst not all spiritual persons are like this, the types who are like this think that simply because they despise people with other worldviews, we must also despise people today with various worldviews. This just is not the case. Do not get me completely wrong, I’m sure there are some atheists who do, but most of us never. Most of us come from spiritual households and spiritual communities and are surrounded by religious folks in each and every route. Our brothers and sisters are spiritual. Our mothers and fathers are spiritual. Even though handful of of my relatives are religious, my mother and I don’t see eye to eye on our worldviews and I even now adore her a lot more than daily life itself. When you assert that atheists loathe spiritual people, all I hear is that you detest folks who really do not share your worldview and can not wrap your head all around other folks not behaving the exact way. Your lack of ability to understand my appreciate for persons who really don’t see items the exact way as I do is your shortcoming and has nothing at all to do with me, while, hun. There are so numerous religious men and women that I adore and adore and regard and admire. You know who I appreciate so a lot? My Pagan cousins. I really like my Catholic uncle and my Christian grandparents. I really like my religious neighbours, religious authors and religious YouTubers. I really like spiritual artists and religious thinkers and spiritual politicians. I have even voted for them and prepare to again. Really don’t task your lack of ability to adore a person with a unique established of strategies on me. That’s all you, Churchy McGee.

Atheists are offended

Just like it’s silly for me to say religious people all appreciate the grifter Peter Popoff, it’s goofy as fuck to insist all atheists are offended. In truth there are atheists who are indignant and they have each individual suitable to be. In recovering from religion, just one could possibly know how just one has been victimized and that can induce a terrific offer of anger. On the other hand, there are also atheists like me who have by no means believed and really do not harbour any anger in direction of a earlier belief program we held. Though many items have built me angry about religion, like the kidnapping, murder and discarding of human children in mass graves by the Catholic church at household colleges, I do not take into account myself an indignant individual, inherently. I am satisfied most times and most of the atheists I know are the exact same. It comes down to having to know men and women. Dealing with every single human being as a special person regardless of falling underneath the “atheist” label. If you uncover that a person is, in truth, offended, it’s about discovering out why they may appear angry, empathizing with them, listening to them out. This is how secular morality operates. Do you definitely want us to think your spiritual morality has place for sweeping generalizations of groups of individuals? I indicate, I’m great with that. It is irrefutable evidence secular morality is top-quality, but I just assumed you may want to rethink how that tends to make your morality glimpse.

Atheists have been traumatized by religion

I necessarily mean, absolutely sure, there are a lot of atheists who go through from spiritual trauma syndrome, but trauma alone doesn’t make anyone dismiss their worldview. You can not force by yourself to end believing simply because a thing negative happened. You have to turn out to be unconvinced. What is a lot more probable, and what I have heard from so numerous who do experience from religious trauma syndrome is that the trauma induced deeper exploration. It did not result in disbelief alone. Even then, this applies to a modest quantity of atheists and totally ignores the atheists like me, who have no individual activities with religion, good or lousy. By stating this, you are not just dismissing individuals like me and ignoring our existence, but you’re also poo-pooing the trauma that some people, believers bundled, have professional as a outcome of their religion. This is not variety. This is not compassionate. This isn’t the way somebody who needs us to believe their morality is outstanding ought to behave. Every atheist came to identify as an atheist on a unique route. Get to know us. Test currently being wonderful. Show to us that your morality is something to be admired.

Atheists want to close faith

One thing you have to be ready to take about atheists is that a ton of us arrived at our place on gods by means of rational assumed. However some of us never, numerous of us price information, evidence and reality. Wiping religion off this earth is none of these matters. It is not anything that could happen anywhere around our lifetimes and is a silly detail to desire for. I’m guaranteed you could discover one particular or two of us who think they are doing work to rid the environment of faith, but they are number of and considerably concerning. What most atheist activists are advocating for is the separation of church and point out, the independence to be an atheist devoid of discrimination anyplace in the globe and the capability to go about our days without having being accosted by believers hoping to shove their thoughts down our throats. Which is all most of us want and we do not assume it is much too much to talk to. Have your religion, just really do not force it on us, k?

Atheists want to get your proper to exercise your faith absent

Yet again, I feel this is a little little bit about projection. You don’t like the existence of atheists. You occur knocking at our doorways attempting to convert us. You foyer to have our regulations mirror your beliefs, forcing all of us to abide by them. You are the ones who want to get our ideal to be atheists away and due to the fact you are this way, you presume we will have to also be this way. We are not. Observe your religion as considerably as you want, but as shortly as it measures on my legal rights, my privacy, my skill to increase my children as I see in good shape, then you have to quit. That usually means having faith out of politics. It indicates no faith in general public universities. It implies quit, the fuck, knocking on my doorway for the enjoy of all issues excellent. Then go to your church and converse in as many tongues as you like. I don’t treatment.

Atheists are obsessed with faith

I’m gonna go ahead and give you the fact that there are some atheist activists out there who are obsessed with faith, for guaranteed. But one thing you simply cannot know is how many atheists there are in the earth who have not even instructed any person they’re atheists. There are godless individuals who hardly ever say it out loud, and some others who perhaps have the moment or two times. You also have to maintain in thoughts that when you come across a vocal atheist on the internet like me, that they have a full other daily life off the online. Speaking only for me, I pop in and out of Twitter a great deal of my workday, but in total, I would say I’m on Twitter possibly fifty percent an hour a working day. I hardly devote a minute on other platforms. Some days, I generate posts like this and it can acquire anyplace from an hour to 3. Outdoors of that, I’m working, elevating my infants, taking treatment of my doggy, swimming, hiking, cleaning my home or watering my crops. I’m also looking at tv with my husband or renovating elements of our home. Often we’re out for date night time or sitting on the lakeshore experiencing the check out. I appreciate to examine publications that have nothing at all to do with faith and religion scarcely arrives up in my working day-to-day everyday living offline. So, though I am positive there are some atheists who are obsessed, I am not one particular of them and that potential customers me to believe there are a lot more like me. In particular considering there are a lot who almost never chat about faith at any time.

Atheists are constantly striving to debate

Fuck I dislike this. The picture of the edgelord atheist in a fedora, sporting a shirt that says, “I’m an atheist. Debate me.” This helps make a lot less feeling than Marjorie Taylor Greene at a science honest. I hate debating faith. Yet again, it arrives down to the point that I have in no way been religious and for me, the declare that a god exists is as legitimate a subject matter for discussion as which language mermaids converse. It’s sheer absurdity. I really do not know the Bible and asking me to debate you on it tends to make as substantially feeling as asking me to debate you on the moral implications of Dr. Seuss’ opus, Eco-friendly Eggs and Ham. I really don’t want to debate asinine assertions. I’m not a debating atheist and I want persons would stop assuming that I want to discussion my position on god’s existence just since I’m an outspoken atheist. I really do not. I will not discussion absurdities.

Hear, I never expect this submit to conclude the mischaracterization of atheists any time soon, but these myths are less coherent than Tucker Carlson’s knowledge of vaccines. If you want to appear off as intelligent, or you want individuals to believe you have a remarkable morality, drop these myths and locate new ways to make your position.

Which myths about atheism did I miss? Let me know in the reviews!

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