10 Things Twitter Fans Hope To See In The Arrowverse Series

As Oliver Queen’s exceedingly wise and loyal crime-fighting partner, John Diggle has proved a hit with fans ever since his debut in Arrow. With multiple appearances spanning across various Arrowverse shows, books, and comics, it’s perhaps no surprise that the CW are planning to give the character a spin-off show. Entitled Justice U, this promising superhero series is set to feature Diggle training five young metahumans to go undercover at a prestigious university and become a new vigilante team.

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This tantalizing concept has left many fans excited for what may be in store. Twitter, in particular, has seen much-fevered anticipation for the upcoming series, with users offering their own intriguing suggestions for what the show may feature. These ideas offered by tweeters range from potential characters to possible narrative threads, suggesting Justice U poses plenty of potential.


Ambush Bug

One of the more obscure DC heroes, Ambush Bug is a particularly unusual individual. Real name Irwin Schwab, the character is said to have obtained his clothes from Brum-El, whose attempt to send his attire from his dying world was intercepted by a giant radioactive space spider. Twitter user @fourhman is hoping for the character to make his Arrowverse debut in Justice U.

With Irwin having struggled with some serious psychological issues across his comic run, his inclusion could give the show the perfect opportunity to explore the topic of mental health. This would allow viewers with mental health issues to see someone with similar struggles represented on the small screen, and to feel that they are not alone. Additionally, Ambush Bug’s fourth-wall-breaking nature could lead to some of the show’s funniest moments, as he reacts to his existence within the Arrowverse.

Young Justice

A particularly popular superhero ensemble within the DC Comics is the Young Justice, a team comprised of some of the universe’s youngest vigilantes. With the group’s animated series having provided some of the best characters, Twitter poster @KglZach has expressed his desire for these individuals to feature in Justice U.

The Young Justice squad contains a varied cast of heroes, including Blue Beetle and Beast Boy, which could provide an extensive set of characters for the program. The team’s more youthful approach to heroic missions may also lend an interesting perspective to the series, as Diggle acts as a parental figure to these more inexperienced vigilantes.

Dreamer As A Teacher

Supergirl has proven to be one of the Arrowverse’s most beloved series, and an especially popular character within the show is Dreamer. With her shy and eager personality, Dreamer has become a hit among fans, who find they can relate to the dynamic heroine. Twitter’s @glenn_matchett believes she should feature within Justice U, as a teacher for the young recruits.

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Dreamer has been involved in many of Supergirl’s most thrilling battle sequences, meaning she would have plenty of vigilante experience to draw upon in a mentor role. Additionally, her civilian job as a reporter would allow her to teach the young heroes how to achieve justice without the need for heroics, as she trains them in the art of investigative procedure.

Green Arrow’s Resurrection

Oliver Queen has provided some of the best Arrowverse moments as the Green Arrow, with his impressive archery skills impressing many viewers over the years. Twitter poster @TVlover75 has stated his wish for the Green Arrow to appear in the show, in a move that would continue his legacy within the Arrowverse.

While Oliver Queen may have sacrificed himself to create a new multiverse, death is rarely a permanent end within the superhero world. The famous archer has already escaped his supposed demise multiple times within the Arrowverse, opening up the possibility that he could return to life once again. Oliver Queen’s appearance within this series would also offer Justice U the chance to explore the close friendship between Oliver and John further, with the pair having previously demonstrated much on-screen chemistry.

Bart And Nora Allen

Originating from another time, Bart and Nora Allen hold plenty of potential for future appearances within the Arrowverse. Twitter’s @Gregory65900224 has suggested the siblings should return in Justice U, as two of the metahumans Diggle decides to mentor.

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Bart and Nora Allen could prove fun additions to this series, with the pair both showcasing similar powers to their father Barry. Diggle’s previous meetings with the Flash have seen the former A.R.G.U.S. agent noticeably freaked out by Barry’s superspeed, which could lead to some similarly hilarious reactions between Diggle and Barry’s future children.

Diggle Becomes The Green Lantern

With his tough and courageous nature in the face of danger, John Diggle has delivered some of the Arrowverse’s best moments. Arrow’s series finale, entitled “Fadeout,” teases Diggle becoming the Green Lantern, as he finds a box emitting an unearthly green glow. The TV franchise has yet to explore this tantalizing possibility, however, Twitter user @outatimefilmpod is hoping Justice U will finally show the former bodyguard accepting the Green Lantern summons.

This move would grant the show the opportunity to delve into previously untapped areas of the televised universe. Diggle as Green Lantern could create a wider canvas for the Arrowverse to navigate, as he travels the cosmos on missions for the Green Lantern Corps. These potential space-faring adventures would also open up opportunities to feature superpowered beings from across the universe, giving a greater intergalactic reach for Diggle’s new vigilante team.

John Constantine

Occupying a darker corner of the Arrowverse, John Constantine has led something of a traumatic life. Twitter poster @Leiberman84 wishes to see the tortured soul return in Justice U, requesting that the series involves the formation of a “Magic U” as a part of its storyline.

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John would make for an interesting character to feature in the series, with the occult detective having lost his mother at a young age and been raised by an abusive father. This rough childhood could allow Constantine to act as a mentor figure for metahumans with similar experiences in the series, as he draws from his own personal struggles. John’s dealings with the dark arts would also introduce a fascinating mystical edge to the series, with the magical exorcist training the new recruits in sorcery.

Kate Kane

Wallis Day’s characterful portrayal of Kate Kane has proven a hit among viewers, leaving many fans hopeful that she will appear in Gotham Knights. Twitter’s @JoeyDonuts4ever suggests she should also play a part in Justice U’s narrative, with the tweeter especially excited at the prospect of Kate interacting with John Diggle.

Kate could offer the young metahumans a more grounded approach to crime-fighting, as she lectures them on how to fight street-level crime. The former Batwoman could also hold the potential for a fun dynamic alongside John Diggle, with Diggle’s strong sense of justice likely to conflict with Kate having the deranged serial killer Alice as a sister.

Superman & Lois’ Metahumans

Metahumans feature prominently throughout Superman & Lois, with the show’s first season following Morgan Edge’s plan to form an army of superpowered beings. Twitter poster @IsntDaveOne thinks these metahumans would be perfect for Justice U, with John Diggle creating a more heroic team of individuals.

With Superman & Lois’ metahumans having been wrongfully misled by Morgan Edge, these heroes will likely require a guardian figure to guide them through their powers. Diggle would be the ideal man to help these unfortunate people, having been around numerous powerful vigilantes within the Arrowverse. This could provide a thoroughly engaging redemption storyline for the metahumans, as they aspire to help those in trouble in light of Edge’s deceit.

Mia Queen

The penultimate episode of Arrow’s final season, entitled “Green Arrow And The Canaries,” delivers a tantalizing glimpse of the Arrowverse’s future, as Oliver and Felicity’s daughter Mia becomes the new Green Arrow. With the mooted Green Arrow And The Canaries spin-off show failing to land a commission, fans such as @foolermy are hoping her story will continue in Justice U.

Mia’s inclusion could offer some emotional scenes for the superhero series, as John Diggle recalls his time fighting crime alongside her father. With Oliver having died whilst she was very young, Mia barely got to know her father, meaning that a meeting with his best friend would allow her to learn more about the man who helped bring her into the world.

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