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Listed here in Ontario, it has just been declared that learners will return to university whole-time, this slide.

I work in education, and will also be returning to university, whole-time.

I am now considering how our early-begin mornings might search, in a few short months. Mainly me, hollering:

Do you have your mask?
Where’s your hand sanitizer?
Is it in your trousers pocket?
Did you sanitize your telephone?
Has any person witnessed my encounter protect? The a person I employed yesterday broke…

And this:

Let me check out your forehead.
Retain your hands to your self, alright?
Are you actually sensation crummy, or are you just exhausted?
I do not know…maybe you happen to be receiving a cold?
Whose mask is this a person?
Has Jake/Ethan/Emily come back again to university, still?
Have they mentioned regardless of whether it is really COVID?
Is that your hat? I do not acknowledge it.
Will not trade hats, dude. Recall lice?

Dress in your mask, you should.
Just take in what you pack, alright?
I adore you.
I adore you.
Be safe and sound.
Be safe and sound.

In the meantime, my ideas are on my oldest son, as he makes his way to a seaside, with mates. These are the things I want to holler at them all:

Will not forget your masks.
Will not forget sunscreen.
Will not forget to consume h2o.
View the waves, but like…apart.
View out for each individual other….but, like, apart.

To him:

Recall who you are.

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