A Parent’s Guide To Starting The School Year Off Right

Starting back to school under normal circumstances has so many feelings. Some parents might be elated their youngest is starting kindergarten or their oldest is headed off to middle school. There is excitement to kick off the new school year and also anxious feelings of what is to come ahead. This year, as schools try and figure out how to operate safely under what feels like different guidelines on a weekly basis, Daily Mom is here to help you out with having a great start to your school year. Most parents want to start out on the right foot, so here is a parent’s guide to closing out what felt like a short summer and kicking off a fabulous year ahead!

A Parent’s Guide For Back To School Survival

Back To School

Back to school has a lot of different meanings and feelings this year. Let the Jeep Wrangler Stroller Wagon be an easy decision to add to your parent’s guide for kicking off the school year on the right foot. This wagon has you covered for all stages to ride to and from school, take a midday recess adventure if you’re schooling from home, or even a summer evening popsicle cruise. Whatever the situation may be, attach your current car seat (adapters included) for smaller riders or hop into the two 5-point safety harness seats holding up to 110 lbs of siblings or friends. If little ones aren’t needing a ride, the wagon also is an impressive space to haul

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