The Truth About ‘Boosting’ Your Immune System Against COVID-19

There is no lack of articles or blog posts advising you how to “boost” your immune procedure against COVID-19 – and no lack of corporations saying their snack bar/smoothie/dietary supplement/fermented tea is the option.

But if staving off the coronavirus was as uncomplicated as ingesting a couple of blueberries or downing some kombucha, wouldn’t earth leaders be telling us to do it?

“There’s no way you can scientifically ‘boost’ your immune procedure,” Jenna Macciochi, an immunologist based mostly at the College of Sussex, tells HuffPost United kingdom. “Medically, it doesn’t genuinely make perception – the immune procedure is not a change that you flip on and flip up higher.”

Why do researchers loathe the term ‘boosting’ your immune procedure?

Broadly speaking, the immune procedure will work in two ways. For starters, by sparking a initial-line protection to assist us cope with infections these kinds of as COVID-19, then next – at around five to seven times – the physique will start off generating antibodies and have a far more precise immune reaction tailor-made to the virus.

If someone’s immune procedure is working at a bigger stage than typical, this is basically a poor detail. Owning an overactive immune reaction can result in an autoimmune response, when the physique mistakingly starts off to assault its have healthful tissues and organs.

“If it goes into overdrive, we’ll basically destruction our have bodies and which is what we see with extreme COVID,” explains Macciochi. “With a large amount of the persons who are

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