Attentive listening helps teens open up, study finds — ScienceDaily

Engaged listening techniques these as eye speak to, nodding and applying vital text to praise openness assists young adults when they acknowledge bad conduct and share hurt feelings with their mother and father, a new research has proven.

University of Reading and Haifa researchers requested 1001 thirteen to 16-12 months-olds to observe a staged conversation between a mum or dad and teenager about a challenging predicament, with the mum or dad adopting distinctive entire body language and listening conduct in distinctive versions.

The participants who watched the versions where the mum or dad was visibly attentive mentioned that they would have felt superior about by themselves as the teenager and would be more very likely to open up about their feelings yet again in the long term.

The research, the initially to look at good quality of listening in isolation from other parenting techniques, disclosed that currently being more engaged even though listening manufactured the young adults come to feel more authentic and connected with the mum or dad.

Dr Netta Weinstein, affiliate professor in medical and social psychology at the University of Reading, who co-led the research, said:

“We all know that listening to somebody discuss about their issues is an effective way of reassuring them and creating a relationship. Nonetheless, right up until now there has been minimal considered offered to the good quality of that listening, and the variation that will make.”

“This research shows that in mum or dad-teenager associations, quietly listening to a teenager even

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