2022: Pisces Women

Pisces and Friendships

Have you ever asked a Piscean girlfriend for her opinion on a matter, only to have her look at you puzzled? Piscean women may appear lost in their worlds at times, today’s horoscope yet they are also among the most compassionate companions you could ever have.

Pisceans are ruled by Water, and their cups are typically overflowing with empathy and compassion to offer. A Piscean lady is incredibly intuitive, frequently picking up on your moods before you even realize it. They seek solace in shoals and will always lend a shoulder to cry on or ice cream and cake for their friends on girls’ nights.

A Pisces lady is a caring friend who prioritizes the well-being of her loved ones before her own. She is a sympathetic person who may voice sympathetic ideas when asked by friends and family – and they occasionally take advantage of this trait, sometimes to an excessive degree.

Despite not being a natural leader, the Pisces woman has a strong yet restrained personality, and friends, family, and coworkers frequently seek her out to help them through difficult situations.

The Pisces woman will have many friends from all walks of life, personalities, faiths, and ethnic backgrounds since she is easygoing and selfless. This woman is well-liked in her social circles because of her keen perception and comprehension of people.

A Pisces lady might be elusive and even avoidant at times. Please don’t take it personally! Pisces requires alone time and has a hard time saying no. She’ll probably choose that way if she can avoid having to say no!

Pisces and Sex

For a Piscean woman, sex is an emotional issue like all other parts of her life. She is sensual and playful, and she enjoys conjuring up fantastical scenes in her bedroom – beautiful forests, candle lit circles, the scent of the sea – all of which stimulate her imagination. She enjoys sex and prefers it to be fluid and unpredictable. The more shocks you can throw in, the better. The Piscean woman can not naturally or readily distinguish between sex and love because these two aspects are inextricably linked for her.

Pisces is a sexual sign that is inherently submissive, eager to please, willing to try almost anything, and readily orgasmic. Through the sexual act, there is a strong yearning to connect to something larger. This is especially true if your Moon and/or Mars are both in Pisces.

Pisces and Career

Forget about a traditional office career; the Pisces woman isn’t cut out for it. She needs to employ her imagination, and when she is given the opportunity, she devotes herself entirely to the duties at hand. This isn’t to imply that Pisceans can’t work a standard nine-to-five job; many can; it’s just that Pisceans will eventually seek something more creative.

Counselor, writer, singer, librarian, investigator, social worker, or designer are possibilities for the Pisces lady.

Dreamers like the Pisces woman are usually compassionate and considerate, so what better profession for a lady born under the sign of two fishes than that of a veterinarian?

The arts, musicians, photographers, doctors, humanitarians, social workers, psychics, craftspeople, and public relations are connected with Pisces.

Some Pisceans have a hard time deciding what they want to do with their lives. Instead, they seem to float along, trusting the cosmos to lead them in the proper direction. These young Pisces may require some direction and reassurance.

At different times in her life, the Pisces lady may have multiple occupations. Because she is naturally creative, Pisceans are attracted to employment in the entertainment industry on both sides of the camera. She has a lot of energy and passion for various jobs, and it can be difficult for her to choose just one. Working a steady job that allows her to use her intelligence and imagination is ideal for her.

Pisces and Money

Unless she has other practical signs prevalent in her chart, handling money may not be a strong suit for the Pisces woman. Despite her intuitive abilities, she can be unrealistic and make financial decisions based on emotion rather than logic.

Those attempting to sell Pisces women financial advice, insurance, real estate, or get-rich-quick scams should be avoided. The Pisces woman tends to get caught up in the moment, especially when it comes to feeling for the person selling her anything, and reasonable thought may temporarily disappear. She wouldn’t defraud someone else for a fast buck. She finds it difficult to believe that others would do the same to her.

Nonetheless, Pisces women understand the value of a dollar and are adept at stretching it.

Pisces and Family

Women born under the sign of Pisces will go to tremendous measures to please their families. A Pisces mother adores her children to the moon and back, although she may sometimes struggle to discipline them. She is willing to give up everything so that they might pursue and realize their ambitions, even if it means sacrificing her own. She never forgets birthdays or anniversaries, so it’s crucial to remember hers because it’s so significant to her. She’ll turn even the smallest apartment into a cozy haven. Ms. Pisces may require access to water, even if it is simply a small pond. Don’t worry; she’ll convince herself that it’s an ocean!

Pisces and Health

As one might imagine, a Pisces woman’s emotional intensity makes her vulnerable to headaches, but they could also be the result of overindulgence. Excessive drinking, eating, and late nights might hurt her health and add to her low energy levels. Pisces aren’t usually slaves to schedules, which can be a good thing, but it can also have negative implications if it’s overdone. Because her sign is linked to the feet, foot massage and acupuncture can be very beneficial.

Moderation and exercise are two terms that rarely excite a Pisces lady, but they are essential for general health.

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