3 Reasons why you need to switch to Natural Cleaning products

We’re all conscious of the Air Pollution and very poor AQI impacting our total wellness. But what about Indoor Air High-quality (IAQ)?

A analyze documented by NCBI states that just about a 4.3million folks die each and every calendar year simply because of residence (indoor) air pollution. Isnt that horrifying?

Well, quite a few researches have revealed that a variety of artificial sprays, personal solutions, perfumes, paints, cleaning agents, contribute to Indoor Air pollution. It not just influences human wellbeing but can even impact a developing fetus [1]. And just one of the biggest contributors of VOCs is the synthetic cleaning agents that we use. 

Why do we need to change to Organic cleaning merchandise?

What do you appear for when you get house cleansing provides? 200 situations more robust, just one-on-a person delivers, much less highly-priced, and claims like, kills 99.9% germs, 4X whiter, ideal?

But did you know that many synthetic cleaning solutions, in purchase to be much better & productive, have quite a few toxic compounds? This is the rationale why we need to have to opt for Plant-Dependent cleaning products and solutions, like for a clear and pure residence. PUER has Purely natural, toxin-free dwelling treatment and own care products and solutions.

Why do you will need to check out PUER Homecare merchandise?

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PUER homecare goods have been scientifically formulated and are derived from nature. I have been working with PUER’s various products and solutions to preserve my surroundings free of severe substances and for a safer property.

PUER All-Function Cleaner : 

A single of my most effective companions that keeps all my porous and no-porous surfaces clean is PUER All-Function Cleaner. Be it table tops, kitchen counter, almirahs, mirrors, superior-contact surfaces, one particular swipe with this cleaner removes all the filth and stains and tends to make me a be concerned-free mom.

Why this all-function cleaner is my cleansing buddy?

  • It is non-harmful and plant-based mostly. It does not have bleach, sulfate-dependent surfactants, or ammonia, consequently giving me and my loved ones a protected indoor surroundings.
  • It is helpful in removing stains, simply because of the existence of biodegradable surfactants.
  • It can be applied on pretty much all surfaces, which eases my existence.
  • The brand name claims that it kills 99.99% of germs* (*Foundation germ-eliminate research in an independent lab)

When you gotta these an powerful cleaner, that as well plant-centered, why not switch to it for a balanced everyday living?

PUER Liquid Detergent:

For the longevity of my dresses, I use PUER, an all-pure liquid detergent. Just include 1 cap for the regular load (and 1+1/2 cap for soiled load) and permit this organic detergent do the rest. Compared with harsh detergents, it keeps our garments delicate and doesn’t ruin them.

Motives, why I like PUER Liquid Detergent:

  • It is plant-based it has an successful stain elimination mechanism
  • Retains the coloration and excellent of apparel intact, taking away grime with powerful cleansing.
  • The fragrance is calming.
  • Neutralizes sweaty and pungent odors proficiently.
  • Staying a mom, I know how vital it is to use a great stain removing detergent. I’m happy that PUER’s normal detergent fights 30+ stains and maintains whites for up to 30+ washes. Isn’t that great?
  • It has no bleach, No SLES, and it has plant-dependent bio-enzymes for efficacy.

This will make PUER’s all-purely natural Liquid Detergent, a great buddy for my apparel.

PUER’s Dishwashing gel and ground cleaner are excellent solutions for green cleaning items. For the reason that the merchandise is pure and cost-free of severe chemical substances, it is tremendous successful. What else do I check with for?

Causes why you should choose for Purely natural plant-based cleansing solutions:

These days, the want is to choose for purely natural, plant-centered cleansing goods that are devoid of any harsh chemical substances.

1. Family members Safety:

Well, clear, environmentally friendly, and pure cleaners, like PUER household treatment solutions, are safer decisions, as they are hypo-allergenic. Organic products and solutions release less chemical substances, which usually means that there will be much less likelihood of health and fitness challenges for little ones and grown ups similarly. Making use of natural soaps, pure dishwashing liquids will also keep your skin shielded and it will not be exposed to chemical substances in the cleansing goods.

2. Setting-welcoming:

Opting for cleanse and inexperienced cleaning products will limit the number of hazardous chemical compounds unveiled in the ecosystem, so improvising the air high-quality. As a result applying environmentally friendly cleaning products are a safer possibility for our world as properly.

3. Protected for our belongings:

Considering the fact that green items are devoid of severe chemical compounds, they are frequently non-corrosive. As a result the lifespan of our prized possessions like household furniture will usually be much better.


It is time to make a swap, for ourselves and Mom Earth! Let us not compromise on holistic goodness and health and fitness, when clean up and environmentally friendly products and solutions can be shipped suitable at your doorstep!

Why should you switch to natural cleaning products for home? PUER's range of plant-based , natural home care and cleaning solutions #PUER #naturalproducts #plantbased #liquid detergent #naturalcleaner #toxinfree


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