5 Things German Parents Can Teach You

People in Germany have told many things to the world. Their endless contributions to the world also include ethics and parenthood. 

German people rely on each other to choose the best services for themselves and their families. They use online reviews platforms to decide what products are highly-rated. Erfahrungenscout.de is one of the best review platforms in Germany where parents read reviews to choose the right things for their kids. But more than choosing the right products, they also ensure that their kids have the right ethics and grow up strong. And parents from other parts of the world can surely learn a lot from German parents. This article outlines the five best things that German parents do and why you should follow their suit. 

Play! Play! Play!

German parents are not worried about their children spoiling their clothes in the playground. They prefer to read the online reviews and can buy german baby clothes without stressing a bit. But they are watchful of the best upbringing of their children. This is the reason why you can see german parks full of children. German parents want their children to play as much as they can. Parks are full of fun and charming activities, and kids sure love learning new things and making friends in parks.  

Freedom For Kids

German parents want their kids to grow up free, strong, and rational thinkers. The government and schools play a huge role in this regard. From 5 years of age, children can do lots and lots of things in their schools without supervision. German people want their children to learn the limits and act freely without anyone’s dictation. Their children can go play in the park on their own, try new things, and live their lives to the fullest without living under “Helicopter parenting.” 

Live In The Outdoors 

In other countries, parents want to hide their kids Indoors for “Safety” purposes. But German parents allow their children to enjoy outdoor life. Can you believe that German kindergarteners take children in the wild for camping? German children jump in puddles, have lunch in the snow, nap in balconies, and spend A LOT of time outdoors. This exposure helps them develop strong traits so they can survive in the real world. 

Nature Over Everything

Germans are obsessed with living a natural lifestyle. You can find any food corner in the street full of organic products, veggies, and fruits. German parents develop this trait of choosing natural things. They teach their children to choose organic and healthy products over other “Food Items” they can find in the market. Breastfeeding is encouraged, and parents adopt the natural lifestyle themselves so their children are also closer to nature. 

Don’t Fear Anything

Most of the games and activities within reach of German kids are not devoid of risk elements. Playgrounds in Germany have a supervised amount of mischief and danger that develops kids to grow with strong nerves. While other countries are busy taking kids away for axes and traditional tools, German parents even line up at fairs so their children can try an axe themselves. Children are encouraged to stay around open fire and other fun real-life activities that make them vigilant rather than ignorant about life. 

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