9 Unpopular Opinions About Johnny (According To Reddit)

Johnny Rose is a father, a businessman, and a loving husband in Schitt’s Creek. Among his townspeople and family members, the popular opinion is that Johnny is beloved and he is the most realistic member of the Rose family. While his wife and kids use theatrics to get through their ordeals, Johnny is level-headed and grounds his family.

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But there are always going to be unpopular opinions about the characters of Schitt’s Creek — even the most popular. As strong and wise as Johnny Rose is, he still has his faults, flaws, and downfalls. These so-called flaws don’t make Johnny any less likable; they just make him more relatable for viewers.


Johnny Didn’t Change Much From Season 1

Johnny and Alexis Rose

Some fans say that season 1 of Schitt’s Creek was the worst because it showed the Rose family in such an unflattering light. They were spoiled, entitled, and treated those around them like they were beneath them. But over time, each member of the Rose family grew into the wonderful person they were destined to become.

WinnowingWinds told Reddit that while they found Johnny one of the most “grounding” characters, they don’t think his character development was that impressive. “I guess Johnny didn’t change that much,” they wrote. Then again, if Johnny didn’t grow, he wouldn’t have seen Stevie’s potential, he wouldn’t have joined forces for Rosebud Motel, and he wouldn’t have become a better dad to his kids. Johnny’s growth is subtle, but it’s there.

Johnny’s Desire For A Quick Christmas Party Was Unfair

Johnny placing a Menorah in the Christmas decorated motel room

After moving to Schitt’s Creek and being there for a couple of years, the Roses rarely celebrated the holidays. Nothing compared to the festive galas they used to have when they were wealthy. But in “Merry Christmas, Johnny Rose,” Johnny was tired of living in the past and wanted an impromptu Christmas party.

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The only problem was his kids already had plans and finding decorations, food, and a tree was hard to do on short notice. It was a realistic storyline that many could relate to. Fans felt sorry for Johnny as his wish was met with distaste. Natsfan95, however, felt Johnny was selfish for his demands. “It’s always hard for me to watch this episode because of how frustrating it is watching him this out of his usual character,” they wrote. But can fans blame Johnny for wanting to celebrate the holidays with his family?

When You Don’t Like Johnny

Johnny and Roland at the baby shower on Schitt's Creek

Johnny has some of Schitt’s Creeks funniest quotes because he is the show’s comedic straight man. But Amarie225 thinks otherwise. “… in all 6 seasons, Johnny really doesn’t develop,” they wrote. They continued saying, “He has softer moments, especially with Stevie, but throughout the whole series he remains entitled, rude, and annoying to me.”

#TeamJohnny fans were quick to support him in the comment section since without Johnny, the Roses would have stayed behind in Schitt’s Creek forever.

Did Anyone Else Dislike Johnny & Moira’s Ending?

Schitt's Creek

At the end of Schitt’s Creek, every Rose family member got a happy ending. David and Patrick got married and bought their dream house, Alexis finally had the job of her dreams, Moira was going back to work on a hit soap opera, and Johnny got Rosebud Motel off the ground. All of their questionable life choices led them to a better outcome.

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However, even though Johnny and Moira are #CouplesGoals throughout the show, LoveToPost found their ending “depressing.” They wrote, “They’re leaving their kids and friends behind, off to a place where they don’t know anyone and all their former friends have since written them off.” They continued saying that their ending seemed “bleak” after growing so much as a family. This opinion is unpopular because although the Roses are splitting up, they all grew into who they were supposed to be.

Johnny The Enabler

The Rose Family posing at their elegant Christmas Party before Schitt's Creek

Johnny has some great moments with both Alexis and David. But he’s also had his fair share of “bad dad” points in time. For the most part, the popular opinion is that Johnny was a loving dad.

EssienCarvalho has a different opinion on Johnny as a father, however. “He’s so deferential to everyone and enables his children to do the bare minimum. I find it hard to believe he was ever in charge of a company,” they wrote. Johnny may have enabled his children before Schitt’s Creek but by the final episode, he no longer had to.

It’s Not Just Johnny That “Sucks”; It’s The Show

Schitt's Creek - the Rose family sitting in the motel room, dressed fancy

Schitt’s Creek ran for six seasons, garnering numerous award nominations, and swept the Emmys in for its final season. The series is highly acclaimed and is known for its phenomenal writing. But as it turns out, not every viewer is a fan.

Jberrino didn’t just have unpopular views on Johnny; they had unpopular views on the show as a whole. They “found the characters completely flat,” the “dialogue pathetically dull,” and they don’t find the “appeal of [the] show.” On the contrary, Johnny Rose and his family were anything but flat and had a compelling story to share.

Johnny Didn’t Deserve To Cover The Finances

David and Wendy talking at Blouse Barn

If it weren’t for Johnny’s video business and Moira’s small empire, the Rose children wouldn’t have been wealthy socialites. Although they made their own money, they lived off their parents’ fortune. So when Johnny and Moira lost everything, Alexis and David did as well.

When David started working and came into money, Johnny reminded him that the family was struggling and that the money should be split among them — a line that went against Johnny’s personality. CatesCircuisTentPants felt it was wrong of Johnny to take David’s money. “The kids lived off him but that doesn’t mean he is forever entitled to money they earn,” they wrote. While David was the breadwinner for a while, given how much he got from Johnny in the past, many think it’s totally fair of Johnny to expect his son to contribute to the family.

Alexis Deserved To Walk David Down The Aisle Instead Of Johnny

Alexis walking David down the aisle at his wedding

When David and Patrick got married, David asked Alexis to walk him down the aisle. The two had grown incredibly close during their time in Schitt’s Creek and it felt right. As much as fans love the bond between David and Johnny, there was something endearing about the growth in David and Alex’s relationship.

Redditor XMallory28 hated that Alexis walked David down the aisle and felt it was a slap in the face for Johnny. For them, it didn’t make sense that Alexis was so involved. “When he didn’t walk David down the aisle my heart broke for him!” they wrote. Contrastingly, Johnny looked more than happy that his two kids were so close.

Is Johnny Boring?

Johnny Rose explains what tax write-offs are to David

Johnny had some great parenting moments and a happy marriage despite his world crumbling around him. He held it together because his family needed him. But there are those who have the unpopular opinion that Johnny was dull.

Frogs_And_Plants wrote, “I don’t hate him, but he’s definitely my least favorite [Rose compared] to the other [Roses], he’s just so boring.” Johnny is the more serious one in the family but boring is not a word that describes his character.

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