A Boon For Crying Babies And Anxious Parents

There are medical practitioners who opine versus cornstarch, baby powders, or any other type of powders on a baby’s pores and skin. Alternatively, they propose lubricating emollients for diaper rashes. On the other hand, a lot of mom and dad swear by the success of the healing qualities of cornstarch.


Specialists test to describe this contradicting perspective on cornstarch by striving to draw your attention to the rationale at the rear of the diaper rash. As you know, diaper rashes are normally caused due to a blend of wetness, friction, way too little air, and at times irritants (external goods that arrive in call with your baby’s skin, like wipes, bathtub products, and so forth.) as nicely. There are distinctive forms of diaper rashes –


  • Chafing (most typical style)
  • Yeast
  • Intertrigo (crimson area that oozes)
  • Impetigo (bacterial an infection)
  • Eczema

If your baby’s diaper rash is brought on owing to chafing (brought on by friction), then cornstarch is the most productive. Cornstarch becoming silky in texture not only minimizes friction in between the pores and skin and diaper, but also guards the pores and skin.


In circumstance of intertrigo, exactly where the rash oozes out, cornstarch – which is also a drying agent – is truly advisable.


As considerably as using cornstarch on diaper rashes triggered by yeast is concerned, there are notions that it might aggravate it further more. Having said that, it is NOT true.


According to a research executed by J.J.Leyden in 1984, it was uncovered that cornstarch does not improve the expansion of yeast on skin as an alternative it acts as a protect towards injuries that could be induced by friction on the influenced area of the skin.


Cornstarch has been demonstrated to lessen frictional rashes (yeast-infected skin is pink and sore) experimentally induced in volunteers.


Among the the other motives at the rear of the popularity of cornstarch are that it is effortlessly obtainable, normal, and price tag effective. Having said that, if cornstarch or other residence solutions for diaper rashes do not look to perform, visit your pediatrician.



  • Use cornstarch sparingly
  • Make certain that you retain it absent from your baby’s experience
  • Use 100% pure cornstarch

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