Android security flaw lets attackers send malware over Bluetooth

BlueFrag won’t operate with Android 10. It truly is doable that versions before Android eight are impacted, but the team hadn’t “evaluated the effects” on older releases.

You can secure oneself by putting in the February 2020 protection patch, and the Bluetooth mother nature of the flaw means that you’ll have to be reasonably near to an attacker. This will predominantly be a worry in community spaces the place you will find an abundance of targets.

The dilemma, as you might visualize, is that numerous of the impacted products have both shed software package updates or don’t receive them constantly. Google only needs common mobile phone makers to provide protection updates for two a long time, and that plan seems to have been enforced at the start off of 2019. Given that Android eight is conveniently past that two yr mark, you might never ever get a BlueFrag fix if your mobile phone is previous adequate. The requirements also permit sellers go up to ninety times before patching a flaw. That could depart consumers vulnerable for months even if they are slated to get protection updates. When most Android consumers are historically possible to be jogging a edition of Android earlier than 10, that could depart numerous men and women uncovered for a long time to come.

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