Apple sues recycling partner for reselling 100,000 iPhones, iPads and Watches

Apple is looking for $31 million CAD ($ million US) from its previous companion. GEEP has not denied the theft, but promises that 3 staff members stoles the equipment to benefit on their own, not the organization. Apple countered that the staff members had been in point GEEP’s senior executives.

Apple does market refurbished equipment, but it won’t try to offer or allow for to be offered any that really do not meet up with its basic safety or high-quality standards. “Products sent for recycling are no for a longer period adequate to offer to customers… and could result in critical basic safety difficulties,” the organization told The Verge.

Even so, correct-to-mend teams have criticized Apple for its policies towards 3rd-bash mend shops and equipment that are challenging to resolve. The organization is moving some recycling in-house with equipment referred to as Dave and Daisy that can strip components from 200 phones for each hour to get well tricky-to-recycle parts that could not usually be recycled. Even so, many critics consider that Apple and other electronics companies should be concentrating on re-use, not recycling, if we want to lower the fifty three million tonnes of e-waste created in 2019 on your own.

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