Banjo CEO resigns to preserve the company’s AI surveillance deals

Utah experienced set its surveillance contract with Banjo on hold after understanding that Patton experienced been a KKK member as a teen, and experienced joined a group leader in a generate-by shooting. Patton experienced renounced his earlier and vowed that it did not have an effect on his company’s techniques, but Utah paused its use of the engineering and released an audit to verify that there was not an algorithmic bias in its data collecting from cameras, phone facilities and crisis cars.

It’s not very clear how Patton’s exit will impact Utah’s response, if at all. Nevertheless, it theoretically removes the likelihood that the heritage of Banjo’s founder will engage in a part in foreseeable future assignments. Not that this removes underlying concerns about the surveillance alone. Critics are even now anxious that Banjo’s procedure has entry to wide quantities of details in real time, and it is not very clear how very well the business scrubs out private data.

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