Blizzard’s cancelled ‘StarCraft: Ghost’ leaks in playable form

This isn’t about to make you lament the game’s fate. It seems like common 3rd-occasion shooter fare from the early 2000s, just established in the StarCraft universe. You can use your arsenal (which includes a Ghost’s signature sniper rifle), environmental exploration and a very little bit of stealth to assist the Terrans endure. The title seems great for the time, but not like a timeless basic.

You probable know took place following Blizzard axed Ghost. The business switched its aim to games like StarCraft II, and it wasn’t until finally 2016’s Overwatch that you could get an on-the-ground 3D action title. That will not make the clear leak any less intriguing, even though. It’s a snapshot of Blizzard hoping (and sooner or later failing) to diversify its gaming encounters at an essential minute in the company’s record.

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