Blue’s latest microphone can make you sound like an Azeroth character

Blue’s microphones are now preferred with streamers for their large-top quality and relative simplicity, but its most up-to-date design is pleasing to a very unique gaming segment. The Yeti X Earth of Warcraft Edition not only has WoW aesthetics with a “battle grey” end and engraved runes on the base, but comes with tech that enables players to alter their voices to audio like figures from the entire world of Azeroth.

For regular Twitch or YouTube streaming, alongside with podcasting, the Yeti X is personalized-tuned for broadcast-top quality audio, in accordance to Blue. If you want to enrich a Earth of Warcraft stream, nevertheless, you can invoke the personalized functions. That contains “advanced voice modulation consequences with Warcraft presets that empower players to audio like denizens of Earth of Warcraft,” in accordance to Blue.