7 Totally Adorable Dads We All Need Right About Now

Oh, 2020. What a year you have been. So far! For many reasons, this may not be the easiest of Father’s Days to feel all warm, fuzzy and festive — yet dads are still totally worthy of real celebration.

To get you in the spirit, here are seven dads who have given us some of the funniest, most heartwarming viral video moments of the past few years. (Some even from lockdown!)

Happy Father’s Day all!

1. This amazing conversationalist.

Actor and comedian D.J. Pryor and his son went viral (like, viral viral) with this sweet video of Pryor chatting along with his babbling 19-month-old. If you somehow missed it the first time around, well, you’re welcome.

2. This dad who CRUSHED coronavirus lockdown.

When most parents were (understandably!) struggling to get their kids through a worksheet, then planting them in front of the TV (again, US TOO!), this incredible father totally showed everyone up by crafting a functioning backyard ski lift and slope. It’s ― bananas.

3. This kitchen dancer.

Father-daughter dance duo Michael and Ali Hoffman brought some much-needed levity to COVID-19 lockdown, busting a family move to Jess Glynne’s “Hold My Hand.”

4. This baby. (And yes, his dad, too.)

Baby Winston losing his head over his dad, Pedro Moore, teaching him about the letter “W” is like a shot of pure happiness to the heart.

5. This hairdresser-in-training.

This exchange between a patient dad and his equally patient, determined daughter about how to get her hair wrap

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