Teach Your Kids About The World Around Them

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Our world is a big beautiful place full of diversity and it is important that as parents you teach your kids about the world around them. However, many of our children grow up in a bubble surrounded only by those who look and sound just like them.  To understand and appreciate other cultures and customs, you may have to go outside of your comfort zone, but this is what must be done for us to understand those who are not just like us.  In order to teach your kids about the world and raise children who are globally aware, we must be global citizens ourselves.

Teaching Your Kids About Other Cultures

The most obvious way to teach your kids about the world is through travel, but not everyone has the means to do this, at least not on a regular basis.  The good news is that living in the United States means you live in a country full of diversity. You likely do not have to look far for authentic experiences that teach your kids about the world and those who have different backgrounds than our own.

10 Ways To Teach Your Kids About The World  (Without Travel)

Attend Festivals and Events That Celebrate Other Cultures

Take your children to festivals that celebrate Indian dancing or Chinese New Year.

Interact With Diverse Friends

Foster relationships with those who are different than you and your children.  Once the relationship is established,

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