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What are you doing with all your stuff? Think about it.

Quite a few yrs in the past I wrote an article on things. By the response I obtained, there should be thousands and thousands and tens of millions of men and women just like me who also help you save heaps of stuff, simply because I have had many responses on that column. It need to have struck a nerve someplace!

Just after I wrote that column, I cleared out all our closets and drawers and cabinets, and acquired rid of a whole lot of things. I was so delighted with myself. Then gradually, it arrived again. Not the same stuff, but stuff just like it. I am not a hoarder, I just like to preserve points. Every thing has a location and we maintain anything in its put, but it just over time added up. Now I am in the approach of clearing out yet again. I help you save stuff because I just may well require it once more for something. Do I ever?

My sister, Marianne, despatched me this fantastic posting that speaks to equally of us, as we really like stuff and matters close to us. The creator is not known, but it had to have been composed by a pack-rat who understands and appreciates stuff.


“Every spring I start out stirring my stuff. There is closet stuff, drawer things and basement stuff. I independent the very good stuff from the bad stuff. Then I stuff the undesirable stuff where the things is not way too crowded till I make a decision if I will have to have the poor things.

“When the Lord calls me dwelling, my youngsters will want the excellent stuff, but the bad things, stuffed anywhere there is place among all the other stuff, will be stuffed in baggage and taken to the dump where by all the other people’s things has been taken.

“Whenever we have corporation they generally bring luggage of stuff. When I visit my son, he usually moves his stuff so I have home for my things. My daughter-in-law always clears a drawer of her things so I will have area for my things. Their stuff and my stuff … it would be so a lot simpler to use their things and depart my things at property.

“This spring I had an more closet developed so I would have a location for all the stuff way too excellent to throw away and much too terrible to hold with my excellent stuff. You could not have this problem, but I expend a large amount of time with things. No matter what would it be like if we did not have all this things?

“There is all this stuff we use to make us odor superior. Stuff to make us search more youthful. Things to make us search and be more healthy. Things to maintain us in and stuff to fill us out. There is stuff to study. Things to perform with. Stuff to entertain us and stuff to try to eat.

“Our life are loaded with stuff. Superior things, terrible stuff, minor stuff, massive things, useful things, junky stuff and everyone’s things. When we go away all our things to go to heaven, whichever happens to our things won’t subject. We will have the great things God has prepared for us in heaven.”

This very little article doesn’t say a phrase about all the things we have to adorn our properties or pots and pans and gizmos we at times use in the kitchen area for particular issues. There is not a person mention of all the toys and crates and pillows and treats we have for our pets. Not 1 word was reported about all the hen feeders we fill every day with different things for each individual sort of fowl. We all have stuff in our pantry in situation we get hungry for a particular take care of.

Have we as a country been motivated by adverts on tv and in suppliers that make us feel we will have to have some thing when we presently have as well substantially things? My grandma cooked with a single iron skillet and two small kettles and a biscuit pan and little else, nevertheless she cooked superb foods. And clean-up was simpler far too due to the fact she did not have everything in the kitchen dirty.

I am stunned at the factors that are sold in antique retailers as antiques when my kitchen area is full of individuals very points that I use every blessed working day. Buying for antiques certainly would make me come to feel outdated (antique) and I come absent with a new appreciation of my possessions. Old picket bowls and butter paddles and crocks are priced dearly and replicate fantastic memories. I feel when we obtain antiques, we are obtaining memories of days gone by at our grandmother’s household or mother’s household. Those people reminiscences suggest we have to have extra things!

Everyday living was happier when lifetime was less complicated. Again in the course of the “olden times,” we had several toys and handful of possessions. But we ended up satisfied and did not know any improved. We made our very own toys and fun. We performed with rocks and sand and a dipper in a drinking water bucket and have been articles and joyful. There is a lesson to be figured out listed here. We older people frequently think little ones require plenty of things. (It looks to me all they really want or want is a billed phone or pill.) We are the types who perpetuate the will need for stuff and much more things. Someday we will once again discover to value minor items and not be so caught up in our things. We will have a lot less, and recognize it a lot more.

My property is packed with items I know my loved ones will laugh at when they go by means of it immediately after I am long gone. I have saved every small Christmas decoration made by the grandkids and nieces and nephews and other people. I have collections of a great deal of white ironstone, cruets, marble eggs, publications, quite a few, a lot of cookbooks, previous toys and soooooo a great deal more. I love all these wonderful treasures, but to other people, they probably appear like junk or things or equally.

There was a time when we entertained ourselves and even company by earning candy or cookies. Then we would sit and have a lovely check out and get pleasure from what we cooked. We did tons of browsing whilst the cookies baked and the house smelled so fantastic. Sizzling tea or a glass of cold milk goes effectively with most cookies and is a superior way to forget about about stuff and appreciate what genuinely issues.

Imaginative Cookies

1 box any type of cake mix

½ cup vegetable oil

½ cup milk

2 eggs

2 cups brief cooking oats

½ cup chopped pecans

½ cup chocolate chips or butterscotch chips (or equally)

Blend cake combine, oil, milk and eggs and beat until finally clean. Stir in oats, pecans and chips. Fall by spoonfuls on cookie sheet. Bake in 350-diploma oven for 10-11 minutes.

Deliver your responses to: Peggy Goodrich, Food stuff for Assumed, P.O. Box 1192, Enid, Alright 73702.

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