CPSC warning highlights fire risk of loose 18650 lithium-ion batteries

The Shopper Merchandise Security Fee is warning buyers towards obtaining free lithium-ion battery cells that can be utilised for vapes, flashlights and other modest products. In individual, the CPSC has issued a warning for 18650 cells, which are somewhat larger sized than AA batteries and are commonly produced as component of substantial battery packs. They’ve been popping up on e-commerce internet sites, even though, divided, rewrapped and marketed separately. CPSC says employing the repacked cells could consequence in “fires, explosions, serious accidents and even death.”

According to the CPSC’s warning, ,the problem with repacked 18650 cells marketed on the web is that they may possibly have exposed metal constructive and detrimental terminals. When they come in get hold of with metal objects, these types of as keys or free transform in the pocket, they could short-circuit and overheat. That could then result in the cells to spew out burning elements.

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