Curiosity rover might be sitting near microbe ‘burps’ on Mars

NASA’s Curiosity rover may possibly be sitting near a prosperity of data that may possibly hint at symptoms of life on Mars. New Scientist and take note that Caltech researchers have identified 6 spots for methane “burps” (that is, emissions blips) on the earth, together with one particular just a several dozen miles west southwest from Curiosity. Preferably, the rover could examine the emissions and figure out their accurate nature.

Curiosity has detected the methane spurts 6 occasions due to the fact landing on Mars in 2012, but researchers haven’t had success locating their sources right until now. Europe’s Trace Gas Orbiter has also unsuccessful to location methane at atmospheric concentrations. The Caltech group narrowed down the on-the-floor sources by modelling methane particles as packets and tracing their routes dependent on historical wind velocity.

The research has not still been peer-reviewed, so we’d consider it with a grain of warning. It is really also fully feasible that the fuel has non-natural and organic origins. Even if that’s the situation, though, the burps could be tied to geological activity linked to liquid drinking water. Early Mars reportedly held large amounts of drinking water — even if there’s no active drinking water at these sources, a close-up research could assist illustrate Mars’ heritage.

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