Different Types of Office and Commercial Building Lighting

Different Types of Office and Commercial Building Lighting

Commercial lighting is used for commercial spaces like restaurants, retail shops, hospitals, schools, establishments, corporations, offices, and other similar areas where commercial lighting has an imperative role. As compared to residential lighting, commercial lighting has an even higher initial cost, greater longevity, more outstanding durability, greater efficiency, improved light control, more excellent service, and better maintenance and upkeep.

Advanced Equipment And Technology

Commercial lighting also requires more advanced equipment and technology that are not always available in residential areas. Industrial lighting can range from neon lights to elaborate fixtures that include motion sensor lights and security lighting. Lighting is usually provided by commercial lighting companies, which are primarily responsible for all the technical aspects and for hiring professional lighting spring tx electricians that are capable of handling the various kinds of commercial lighting needs.

Aesthetic And Functional

The majority of commercial lighting is generally required for aesthetic and functional reasons. Residential spaces, on the other hand, are mainly utilized for living purposes. Residential areas usually comprise private homes, condominiums, townhouses, apartments, multi-family dwellings, etc. In most cases, residential lighting design is related to natural light availability from windows and doors.

Most commercial indoor lighting fixtures are used to illuminate individual spaces, public places, or hallways. Most common types include down-lighters, desk lamps, wall sconces, photocells, track lighting, recessed lighting, fluorescent tube lighting, and others. Recessed lighting refers to fixtures that are installed recessed into walls or other interior structures. Track lighting is a common type of fixture used to highlight special architectural features in a building. Due to their unique construction, recessed lighting fixtures require electrical connections, which are often concealed within the interior decorative framework.

Industrial lighting is mostly used to illuminate large areas in a commercial building for work purposes. This could be warehouse floors, shop floors, and production floors. There are three types of lighting fixtures that commercial electricians generally use to fulfill the industrial lighting demands of such commercial spaces. These are general lighting, spotlighting, and accent lighting. General lighting fixtures are usually grouped into two types. One type includes general lighting, which targets the entire working area’s illumination, and another type provides task lighting, which targets specific workspaces or tasks.

Emergency lighting

Emergency lighting is also a specialized type of commercial electrician’s job. It usually involves installing temporary fixtures such as emergency exit signs, emergency lighting signals, and emergency stairwell lights.

Commercial electricians engaged in commercial lighting design may also install permanent fixtures if an emergency occurs. For example, suppose a building is under construction. In that case, a retrofit could be done, where all the electrical wiring from the factory where the fixtures are made are installed into the building’s electrical system. Once the wiring is in place, it can support a lighting system even after it is complete. The emergency lighting plan could include various emergency stairwell lights that can be turned on and off as the need arises.

Finally, when dealing with lighting systems for commercial buildings such as offices, the illuminance levels must be complied with. Illuminance requirements generally take the form of a minimum number of lumens or brightness levels required for daytime use and a more exact calculation for outdoor lighting requirements. This calculation is often done using the illuminance factor, calculated by the formula described in Energy Star 5500. However, you can meet the minimum requirement in some cases while still achieving a more flexible lighting scheme. This is referred to as ‘flexible lux’ and is often preferable.

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