Dubler 2 can turn any microphone into a MIDI controller

I have admitted before that I am a sucker for , and usually , musical products. A huge touchpad with ? Indication me up. A that you tilt and smack? I’ll consider two. So, an app that lets you perform a synthesizer basically by humming a melody was clearly heading to grab my focus.

Dubler initially debuted past 12 months as a packaged deal: a personalized intended USB microphone and an app that turned your beatboxing, singing or any other audio genuinely into MIDI facts. With the start of , Vochlea is earning the unique mic optional. The new app lets you to swiftly and easily calibrate it to function with any microphone or audio resource of your selection. But I want to be frank about anything suitable off the bat: Dubler performs finest with its have exclusive microphone.


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When I examined Dubler employing both of those an SM57 and an SM58 run via a Focusrite 2i4 the success ended up decidedly mixed. The MIDI facts was often a minimal messier, there was a lot more obvious latency and the pitch monitoring just wasn’t as great. The latency was primarily an situation when using Dubler to bring about drums. With the buffer dimension in my audio settings at 128 samples it was pretty much extremely hard to continue to keep a rhythm as the drum hits arrived just a small also slow and held throwing me off.

If you use the dedicated mic bought by Vochlea, though, the story is a little bit distinctive. In simple fact, Dubler 2 is rather remarkable. There is essentially no noticeable latency. Pitch tracking is astonishingly precise. And the resulting MIDI knowledge is fairly clean… or at least as thoroughly clean as the source. Which I suppose is a single of the initially matters I should really lay out: If you just cannot have a tune, Dubler is only going to be so valuable. My vocal expertise are borderline nonexistent below the finest of instances. But the onset of fall allergy year has made factors noticeably even worse. (I would explain my existing vocal model as chain-cigarette smoking donkey.) Could I get Dubler to spit out a thing resembling a melody? Guaranteed. But it was not generally straightforward and I experienced to thoroughly clean up a whole lot of MIDI following the simple fact.

So, I did what any intelligent individual would do: Enlist the aid of their sister who has expended a fantastic chunk of her daily life singing and schooling with vocal coaches.

Dubler 2


The variation was quickly noticeable. Where Dubler normally struggled to figure out what was heading on with my flat unsteady humming it was generally in a position to stick to my sister’s vocal histrionics with no substantially concern. You can inform Dubler to instantly snap notes to a certain scale which I very suggest regardless of your talent degree. But even in chromatic method the app was in a position to pretty correctly determine notes my sister sang and even observe along the vibrato of her voice reasonably perfectly.

To get certainly usable effects out of Dubler though, you’ll require to learn to use it adequately. Although it’s entertaining to belt out a melody or clumsily beatbox your way through a drum component there are a great deal of methods to building the most of the app. For one particular, you will want to tailor your vocal sounds so that the app can understand them much easier. This is in particular correct of the drum triggers. Easy beatboxing is probably heading to excursion up the software until you are genuinely superior. Seems like “ti” “ts” and “ta” will normally get mixed up, so it’s superior to use much more unique appears that you could not arrive at for if you had been truly hoping to beatbox, like “ka”. It is also finest if you preserve the range of triggers you use to a few or four. You can method up to eight, but it is tough to make diversified more than enough sounds for it to be useful.

The similar is accurate for melodies also. If you just hum with your lips closed, Dubler will wrestle far more to explain to when you’ve transformed notes and you are going to conclusion up with messier information. It’s greater to go with percussive seems like “da” to assist different notes from each other.

Dubler 2


You can also put Dubler in chord manner which I actually observed was a exciting and interesting way to occur up with new progressions when I was experience stuck. But maybe my favourite aspect is the potential to turn vowel appears into MIDI CC data. That signifies that if you held a be aware and bit by bit shifted it from an “ooo” to an “aaa” you could bring about the filter to open up. It is difficult to control these attributes even though, and it was greater for developing odd and exciting noises than precise songs.

If you are vocally inclined then Dubler holds a good deal of assure as a musical sketch pad. I from time to time wrestle to change what I hear in my head into melodies on a keyboard or guitar and humming it may possibly be the fastest and best way to get an thought out.

Though the capability to use the app with your individual mic is appealing, correct now the calibration looks like it could use a minor perform. That becoming stated, my microphones are outdated and have observed a great deal of abuse. And it’s not like the SM57 is acknowledged for its fantastic vocal fidelity. I’d in all probability have superior luck if I had SM7B clean out of the box to check with. But I experienced to make due with what I experienced. And, what I experienced, wasn’t as superior as Vochlea’s Dubler Studio mic when it arrived to capturing clean up MIDI facts. The computer software is pre-tuned for that mic and there is much less variables to contend with.

Dubler Studio mic

Terrence O’Brien / Engadget

Which prospects us to our remaining stage: rate. Dubler is not low cost. And that is not astonishing. While Vochlea isn’t the to start with or only business to test turning audio into MIDI, it is nevertheless not a simple job. So you’d have to be quite dedicated to the plan of singing to management your synths to fall on the Dubler Studio Kit or even the $249 for the application on its own ($78 to upgrade if you very own the first Dubler by now). For someone like myself, it is a challenging offer. But for a vocalist who would like to start dabbling in the world of music production and synthesizers (even just for concept era) with out acquiring to study a entire new instrument I can absolutely see the attraction.

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