Exploring Relations between Beliefs about the Genetic Etiology of Virtue and the Endorsement of Parenting Practices: Parenting: Vol 0, No 0


We investigated associations concerning adults’ beliefs about the heritability of advantage and endorsements of the efficacy of distinct parenting styles. Layout. In Scientific studies 1 (N = 405) and 2 (N = 400), beliefs about both of those the genetic etiology of virtuous traits and parenting had been assessed in samples of mom and dad and non-mom and dad. In Research 3 (N = 775), contributors had been induced to look at advantage as identified by genes or as identified by social factors. Heritability beliefs and authoritarian parenting endorsements had been subsequently measured. Outcomes. Research 1 and Research 2 converged to expose that tendencies to look at traits as identified by genes had been positively involved with endorsement of authoritarian parenting styles. This association occurred unbiased of personal variations in essentialism and suitable-wing authoritarianism. Research 3 exposed that exposure to genetic accounts of advantage enhanced beliefs that advantage is caused by genes, which in change was positively involved with endorsements of authoritarian parenting responses to kid trouble actions. Exposure to genetic accounts of advantage enhanced endorsement of authoritarian parenting between mom and dad, but was unrelated to authoritarian parenting between non-mom and dad. Conclusions. These scientific studies recommend that genetic accounts of virtuous traits reliably relate to extra favourable beliefs about severe and controlling parenting techniques, illuminating an unrecognized cognitive variable involved with authoritarian parenting endorsement.

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