Facebook finally lets desktop users opt-in to dark mode

This has been in the functions for a prolonged time. Facebook 1st promised a cleaner and faster desktop interface at its F8 builders conference very last spring. A restricted quantity of buyers started testing the revamped design in January.

If you use Facebook’s desktop version, you are going to probable see a banner at the top of the page, asking if you want to try out the “New Facebook.” For now, you can nonetheless swap back to “Basic Facebook” if you pick, but the redesign will come to be the default later this yr.

Other modifications contain centralized tabs for Facebook View, Marketplace, Groups and Gaming. Even if buyers will not like all areas of the redesigned interface, dark method will probable be well-liked. It truly is already readily available in a quantity of Facebook-owned applications, which includes Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. Additionally, there is a excellent possibility buyers are seeking at their screens even a lot more during the coronavirus pandemic, and this could support lessen some eyestrain.

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