FCC ordered to provide IP addresses tied to fake net neutrality comments

The NYT reporters filed a Independence of Information and facts Ask for for the details after the FCC refused to demonstrate logs. In theory, they’ll demonstrate both of those the extent of pretend commenting and help trace it back to teams that may have been associated. Investigations have advised that above fifty percent of the opinions are pretend, and some of the opinions show up connected to dark money teams identified to skew the political discussion.

The FCC has not commented on the determination. Nonetheless, it has a lengthy history of combating attempts to handle the flawed net neutrality commenting approach. In addition to trying to block log requests, it insisted its comment program experienced fallen prey to a cyberattack only to admit the assault hardly ever took place. It even turned down town governments’ requests in recent weeks to extend a commenting window. It won’t be surprising if the FCC contests this court ruling in a very last-ditch bid to hold the comments’ origins a top secret.

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