FDA Warns Against Baby Neck Floats After Infant Dies

The U.S. Food items and Drug Administration revealed a warning with regards to neck floats for babies. The Food and drug administration states that dad and mom, caregivers and well being care companies should not use neck floats for drinking water treatment interventions, specifically with babies with developmental delays or exclusive requirements, these as spina bifida, spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) type 1, Down syndrome or cerebral palsy.

The warning arrives next the noted loss of life of one infant and hospitalization of another related to the use of toddler neck floats. The Food and drug administration states that caregivers were not immediately monitoring the babies when they ended up hurt in the two instances.

What Are Neck Floats?

Neck floats are inflatable plastic rings developed to be worn around an infant’s neck. Babies as youthful as two weeks previous and even untimely newborns can float freely in the water with specially designed neck floats that cradle a baby’s head.

Some moms and dads and caregivers use neck floats though bathing babies, in swimming swimming pools or as a tool for water treatment intervention for infants with developmental delays or disabilities.


Are Infant Neck Floats Getting Recalled?

At this time, there are no governing administration-issued remembers in outcome for infant neck floats. Even so, the Fda wishes dad and mom and other caregivers to understand the potential dangers of using them, specifically for toddlers with distinctive requirements.

“The risks of employing toddler neck floats involve death due to drowning and suffocation, pressure, and injury to a baby’s neck. Infants with special demands these kinds of as spina bifida or SMA Style 1 may perhaps be at an enhanced risk for serious damage,” the Food and drug administration wrote in a basic safety communication about the product. “While the Food and drug administration believes that loss of life or significant injury from neck floats is rare, health care vendors, mom and dad, and caregivers should be aware that these gatherings can and do occur. It is also attainable that some conditions have not been noted to the Fda.”

The administration’s recommendations for mothers and fathers and other caregivers pertaining to newborn neck floats involve the following.

  • Do not use little one neck floats for drinking water therapy intervention.
  • Be aware that neck floats can boost the threat of neck pressure and harm, especially for babies with exclusive requirements.
  • Be informed that the Food and drug administration has not evaluated neck floats and is unaware of any advantage to using them in drinking water remedy.


Of study course, older people need to generally supervise young children around drinking water to protect against drownings, whether or not or not they use floatation products.

“They ought to under no circumstances exchange adult supervision, which should really be shut, continuous and capable,” Dr. Sarah Denny, an associate clinical professor at Nationwide Children’s Healthcare facility, explained to Motherly.

Any one mindful of a child injured by a neck float really should report it to the Fda to help detect connected pitfalls. You can use the on the net voluntary reporting variety to do so.

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