Happy Pi Day! These Are The Most Uniquely Searched Pies In Each State

Meals preferences typically fluctuate across different states in the U.S. This is apparent with ice cream, Thanksgiving dishes, Tremendous Bowl snacks, cocktails and extra.

In honor of Pi Working day on March 14, which persons typically affiliate with the dessert in addition to the mathematical continuous, the individuals at Google shared the most uniquely searched pies in just about every point out in 2021 (see the comprehensive-dimensions graphic ).

Unsurprisingly, regional favorites shined, with critical lime pie profitable Florida and crawfish pie dominating in Louisiana. In the same way, crab pie took the top location in Maryland.

The facts demonstrates food-related queries that ended up hugely searched in just about every point out and Washington D.C., relative to the U.S. total.

Peanut butter pie and apple pie ended up the most uniquely searched in the highest amount of states, topping lookups in 5 states just about every (Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wyoming for peanut butter pie and Arkansas, Kansas, Maine, New Mexico and West Virginia for apple pie). Other preferred picks ended up sweet potato pie (4 states), buttermilk pie (three states) and French silk pie (three states).

On the savory facet, entrees in pie sort bought a large amount of really like. Cheeseburger pie was the most uniquely searched in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Michigan and Vermont. Spaghetti pie was the top select in Wisconsin.

Less-traditional alternatives involved sour cream raisin pie (Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota) and grasshopper pie (Colorado and Washington), a mint-and-Oreo concoction.

And even though we ended up unfamiliar with possum pie, the Arkansas preferred, we are delighted to report it is built with chocolate, pecans and whipped cream, and not actual possum. Look at out your state’s top pie in the comprehensive-dimensions variation of the graphic.

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