‘Her Story’ creator teases his new, spooky game on Steam

The new game’s Steam web page reveals small else. Its title is shown as Task A███████, however its Steam neighborhood web page indicates its whole title is Task Ambrosio. The game’s Steam description reads, “██████████ new ███████ Sam Barlow ██ 50 % Mermaid █████████████ is ███████ ██████████ cinema ██ death.” In the “About This Game” section, the several years 1968, 1971, 1999 and 2022 serve as headers to largely blacked-out paragraphs, conserve for a couple phrases. Even the game’s launch 12 months is partly obscured: 2███.

A couple films and photos provide visual clues. Eerie online video clips clearly show what seems to be a close-up of a slithering snake, a burning construction and two legs extending from drinking water The latter of which is accompanied by unsettling audio and chirping seems. Photographs of a mask, window, gun, mirror and lips are labeled with seemingly random quantities.

We’ll see if Barlow presents us any more clues about Task A and its contents ahead of its launch date, any time that may possibly be.

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