Here’s how cross-platform ‘Rocket League’ play will work

Psyonix claims you can unlink platforms and swap primaries if you modify your thoughts, but you won’t be capable to url any platform you eliminate to one more Epic Video games account. When it comes to things in your stock, the attribute will enable you to share all attained free of charge drops, period rewards, store purchases, Rocket Pass things, blueprints and Rocket League-branded DLC. On the other hand, you just can’t share platform-unique things and credits. You just can’t share Top quality DLC Packs, as nicely, but Psyonix is functioning to make them obtainable throughout platforms in the future.

Ultimately, the developer has clarified that you can only trade bought things on the platform you bought them on to minimize the danger of fraud. You just can’t hop onto Xbox to trade something you bought on PlayStation, for occasion. You will also require at the very least 500 Credits to trade, unless you’ve been enjoying Rocket League in advance of free of charge to play’s launch.

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