Internet Anonymous – The Kids Are Not On Fire

I have no motivation to be renowned.  Not even world wide web famed.  I have no ideas to publish #ootd which, if I’m trustworthy, would contain diverse pairs of leggings (jeans if I’m emotion extravagant) and quite comfortable, orthopedically supportive sneakers.  I really do not have the patience to create self-deprecating captions about how I woke up like this, and if I did (and the captions ended up precise) no just one would want to see the shots.  

I’m just running a blog for pleasurable, making an attempt to make connections with other dad and mom and sharing the humorous parts of what can be incredibly prolonged and difficult times, punctuated by way too short and often interrupted periods of unconsciousness in advance of we’re correct back again at it.  If I can make someone else crack a very small, realizing, commiserating smile, probably my working day hasn’t been a complete catastrophe soon after all.  Veering in the normal way of disaster, sure, but hitting the brakes just in time.

But I’m also conscious that I’m sharing tales that contain other people, who might or may well not concur with my characterizations of functions or their steps.  I’d also dislike for a long term boss or existing coworker to Google my title (or my kid’s or husband’s) and occur absent with a wack-tacular perception of me (us).

Solution: pseudonyms and inventory pictures.

My husband was enthusiastic about the options.

Me: “Hey, sweetie, do you want a pseudonym on the bl—”

Ryan: “YES.”

Oh boy.  I experienced a experience I was in for it.

“Okaaay, what do you want it to be?” I questioned, promptly regretting my foolishness.

“Tony Stark,” he responded, most likely inspired by our son, sitting on daddy’s lap in an Iron Male onesie.


“Fine.  Thor.”


“Aw, what’s completely wrong with Thor?  Or Tony Stark?”

“I just cannot name you after a Marvel superhero.  It would sound like supporter fiction but without the need of all the great things.”

“You’re no pleasurable.”


“Fine.  If we’re staying as unexciting as achievable, connect with me A-25-Q.”


“Fine.  Luke— ”




“You know what you are?  Unreasonable.  I have provided you so numerous valid options—”

“Four ridiculous alternatives.”

“Fine.  Han Solo.”


In the long run he settled on Ryan.   I can only speculate that it’s the identify of a lesser-acknowledged superhero—something akin to Ant Man—and he pulled one particular around on me, but it defeat his other strategies.

A different fantastic detail about applying pretend identities is that I can make all of us search significantly a lot more advanced, stylish, and photogenic than we truly are.  This is a specifically practical tactic during a pandemic, when my specifications of personal grooming took a bit of a strike.

I have numerous items to say, some of which I want to share with the world.  But at coronary heart I’m an introvert who hates controversy who’s also protective of her spouse and children. So if you were asking yourself why I often seem on Instagram reels with just a headless torso or the again of my head…that’s why!

No shade to bloggers who share photographs of their young ones, due to the fact I have to acknowledge, I also like to see what other people are up to, particularly when their kids are a equivalent age to mine, or when their people also involve autistic folks.  It’s a sort of light voyeurism, I suppose.

We all just want to know if what we’re suffering from is usual or not (even if nothing and no a single is standard, regardless of what “normal” means), and what may well be coming one or five or 10 decades down the road.  I hope to share a number of milestones on our journey that many others may well see and relate to.

No a person in this family is a superhero — sorry, Ryan!  We’re not Thor or Iron Guy or Ponder Female or Captain Marvel.  

We’re all just web nameless humans accomplishing our ideal.  And which is quite great, I think…right?

Go individuals go!

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