Is Germany a good country to raise your kids?

Many factors could be responsible when trying to determine if Germany is a good place to raise a kid. Normally, one should be wary about the environment in which a child is being raised and possible influencing factors surrounding which could have either positive or negative impacts on the child. Ideally, well to do parents understand this and thus always want to raise their children in a good and favourable environment.

If you want to relocate your family to Germany, you will need to get accommodation and insurance for your accommodation. You can read a list of German home insurances on to see the best home insurance policies and companies in Germany. Taking Germany into consideration, the first questions to be asked is what a child needs to be raised and do these things available in Germany to adequately raise a child. This leads to the following:

1) Good medical care

In some underdeveloped or developing countries, child mortality is still very high due to the lack of good hospitals and poor medical services. 1 in every 3 children born under this condition has a high risk of not making it up to age 5 due to poor medical care. Conversely, German has one of the best hospitals in the world recording a high influx of medical tourists yearly. Elites globally travel to the country to receive proper medical attention because of the standard of health services provided. To make it more comprehensive, Germany makes health insurance mandatory for every resident. A child raised under this condition would have access to good medical care with compulsory health insurance alongside which to a great extent lowers his chances of dying before age 5. This is why child mortality is far lower in Germany compared to other countries.

2) Education

One of the basics for raising a child is giving him a proper education. In some underdeveloped countries, education is still at an abysmal level leaving the children to lack proper education and consequently be left behind their counterparts in better climes intellectually and educationally. However, Germany has one of the best standard of education in the world ranging from daycare, preschool, kindergarten, nursery, primary, secondary and up till tertiary level. It’s however a good place to raise a child education-wise.

3) Food and feeding

Food is very important in any nation. Many countries are struggling to feed their populace due to insufficient food thereby exposing their citizens to hunger and starvation. This has caused a lot of problems in the affected countries leading to different forms of social vices such as armed robbery, kidnapping, theft et al. On the other hand, Germany has a stable economy where there is little or no food crisis, Raising a child in an environment where there is the certainty of food for the child is a good place.

4) Talents discovery and nurturing

Some children born talented and the talents come in different forms. Some in musically talented, some in sports, some in entertainment, some in art and craft, some in science and technology and so on. Unfortunately, In underdeveloped countries, many of these talents die or waste away without seeing the light of the day due to a lack of discovery, grooming and nurturing to materialized. On the contrary, Germany has an agency for raising young talents, nurture them and materialized their God’s given talent. Undoubtedly, this would be a plus to a child raised in an environment such as Germany.

5) Availability of basic amenities and infrastructural development

Some countries in the world in this 21st century don’t have nor know what electricity looks like. They don’t have good pipe-borne water. No good shelter called home, no good roads etc. It’s unreasonable to now compare a child born and raised in an environment as described above to the one raised in a place like Germany who has all the above and in abundance.

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