Know And Understand Jazz Music

Until now Indonesian music community in the country continues to struggle to reach various layers in society. Ironically this music has not been able to reach all layers, especially the bottom layer. There is even a presumption, if not stereotype, which states that jazz is identical with the middle layer lifestyle and above. Jazz music is a tendency to be understood, enjoyed, and consumed by people belonging like you are educated, businessmen, officials, and celebrities. Unfortunately again there is a presumption that because jazz music has a high if it wants to understand people should have more intelligence than other music listeners. This argument reinforces the notion of why jazz belongs only to the upper middle layer.

The explanation that needs to be pursued further is: What is Jazz music ? Why jazz music born from the country of origin was born in the political culture of slavery after entering Indonesia became an elite and exclusive? Is it true that solidification that jazz possesses according to intelligence more deeply understand when compared with other music?

What is Jazz Music?

Jazz music was born from the creative hands of black people who suffered oppression and slavery in America at the end of the 18th century. The expression of an opposition to a racist and oppressive political system manifests itself in the way of music and style of black American play. History has noted that racial slavery and discrimination in America have spawned resistance music such as Spiritual, gospel and blues. This phenomenon can be interpreted as a resistance to black culture to Westernization, from religion, political culture to musical, because before being brought to America black people have African culture.

At first, the musical spirit or ideology behind jazz was the Afro-American self-release from the shackles of repressive socio-political structures poured in tone, harmony, and musical style. For example, the ragtime that became the starting point of the development of classical jazz (march, waltz, and polka), the swing is a modification of ragtime, free jazz is a reinterpretation of bebop and world music is the mainstream jazz deconstruction. In the further development of the spirit of jazz is interpreted not only limited to political resistance, but a liberalization movement or musical deconstruction in order to find space, alternative ways, and other game styles.

Jazz Music In Indonesia

While the on-going incentive of jazz music is marketed in the country, it appears that some obstacles have hindered this music has not been able to reach all levels of society, but it tends to be an elite and exclusive. Whereas if it relies on the spirit it contains, it is clear that being an elite is not the goal of creating jazz music because jazz is always “dimensionless”. If so perhaps there is an inappropriate mechanism in the socialization of jazz in the homeland so that the results tend to bias a certain layer. Learning jazz does not merely understand and enjoy the game styles that exist but it would be wise if also understand the historical and ideological dimensions contained in order to avoid certain biases.

Jazz ideology that is liberating, liberal, democratic and deconstructive to the freezing of previous game styles is a critical trait that needs to be understood and internalized by Jazz fans if they want to understand what a Jazz is. Without the socialization of the critical nature of Jazz music then Jazz fans can actually get caught up in the way socialization is developed today by the “music industry regime” so that jazz becomes an elite and exclusive. The music industry regime tends to sell jazz style styles that are easily marketed without predecessor whether the game styles that are displayed are the central game styles in jazz development or just the periphery. Even this regime tends to exploit the symbols of modernity, campus life, and exclusiveness in the play of jazz music. For example, the outbreak of jazz type of fusion in the country is suspected as a result of such socialization.

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