Lyft details how it’s going to make self-driving cars safer

Lyft also clarifies that it conducts distinct kinds of tests to ensure the basic safety of its engineering, together with simulations, closed-training course testing and on-street operations. At this issue, the vehicles previously staying examined on the street have human operators and co-pilots onboard and are targeted on gathering data and metrics.

Ultimately, Lyft states it shares finest procedures with the field “to make a technique that is safe and sound, effective, and clear.” It’s a member of the Automated Auto Security Consortium — other members involve Uber, Ford and GM — that aims to make finest procedures for gathering metrics in an work to further more basic safety of self-driving vehicles. Lyft is also a founding member of the Self-Driving Coalition for Safer Streets, which functions with lawmakers, regulators and the general public “to understand the basic safety and societal advantages of thoroughly self-driving vehicles.”

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