NASA’s Curiosity rover video shows a fresh panoramic view of Mars

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory introduced a breathtaking panorama of the inside of the Gale Crater, as snapped by the Curiosity Rover. To celebrate the Rover’s ninth — ninth! — yr surveying the purple planet, the clip displays off wherever the Rover has been, wherever it’s likely, and what we have discovered in the past decade. This involves the breathtaking point that, on a clear winter’s day when there’s no dust in the air, you can see near to 20 miles.

The panorama, as described by Gizmodo, displays Curiosity’s journey up the aspect of Mount Sharp, and the detour it experienced to get in buy to avoid a significant sheet of Martian sand. As the rover has journeyed up the aspect, the composition of the rocks experienced changed from a clay-wealthy base to a person comprehensive of sulphide. As Deputy Challenge Scientist Abigail Fraeman describes, researchers are hoping to understand a minimal more about how Mars missing its water (the Gale Crater utilised to be a lake, immediately after all) and how long it took right before it became the dry desert planet we see right before us.

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