How To Answer Your Kid’s Coronavirus Question, ‘When Will This Be Over?’

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in fear, loss and anxiety for families around the world. But perhaps one of the most difficult effects of the crisis on children is the sense of uncertainty.

“We don’t know what is going to happen, how long this will last or what life will be like when this is over, and it is hard for any of us to tolerate this level of uncertainty,” Genevieve von Lob, a psychologist and author of “Happy Parent, Happy Child,” told HuffPost. “For our children it can be even more difficult as a few weeks or even months can seem like a very long time in a young person’s life. However learning to manage the uncertainty is actually an important lifelong skill which will help our children to build resilience.”

Adults and children alike have been asking the question “When will this be over?” And unfortunately there are no clear answers, which can pose a challenge to parents on the receiving end of the inquiry.

“This question is a reflection on what Dr. Seuss called ‘The Waiting Place,’ and as you know from the character in ‘Oh, the Places You’ll Go!,’ it’s not a place that children care for very much,” said Craig A. Knippenberg, a therapist and author of “Wired and Connected: Brain-Based Solutions To Ensure Your Child’s Social and Emotional Success.”

So how should you answer if your child asks that question? Knippenberg, von Lob and other experts shared their guidance.

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“The most

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