SA YES provides books, arts and crafts, and more to local kids through Little Locker program

SAN ANTONIO – SA YES is a nonprofit working to help students and families across San Antonio with literacy and off-screen time. Part of that initiative is the Little Lockers program.

”My little one, every time we go up in the morning they are like mom look there’s more books or mom there’s no more books or stuff like that, so it’s a good little incentive when the kids are going up in the morning,” Janie Ramirez said.

Ramirez has two children at Edgewood Independent School District and is a big fan of the Little Lockers program.

Danielle Gunter, the executive director of SA YES, said people can borrow from or donate to the Little Lockers.

People who wish to donate books should make sure they’re in good condition and age-appropriate.

“You can come back when you’re ready to start a new journey,” she said. It’s fast, easy and helpful.


”Through the sponsorships, we purchase the books, and community groups can do book drives as well,” Gunter said.

Besides the books, the initiative is aimed at improving literacy and getting kids off the screens.

”We wanted to do more as an organization so we started providing arts and crafts, sidewalk chalk, anything that can help get kids out of the house, get a creative outlet, reduce the screen time and keep learning during the summertime,” Gunter said.

As for Ramirez, she and her family are ready for the summer.

”It’s obviously super important to keep them engaged and learning over the summertime. That’s when they forget about the stuff so it’s a good way to say let’s walk to the school,” Ramirez said.

For a full list of Little Lockers click here.

Students at 10 San Antonio schools will have the chance to boost their education thanks to grant money donated by SA YES.

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