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Florida: So much for ‘parental rights’

In late March, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was all about “parental rights,” signing what critics named a “Don’t Say Gay” monthly bill, which he insisted was truly all about shielding the ability of mom and dad to tutorial their children’s upbringing, control what subject subject they have been exposed to in the classroom, and be knowledgeable by educational facilities of issues pertaining to their “mental, psychological or actual physical well-being.”

Only a few months later on, he’s threatening to have parents investigated by the state’s “child protective” forms must they select to take their little ones to enjoyment gatherings he does not approve of. And the exact same legislators who passed that “parental rights” invoice now propose to make parental non-conformity with DeSantis’s leisure choices a felony punishable by, among other issues, termination of the “parental rights” they so recently postured as defenders of.

Why the sudden bootlegger’s reverse on “parental rights?”

Perfectly, it appears to be that some mom and dad, in some destinations, are getting their young children to “drag shows” — per Wikipedia, “a kind of entertainment done by drag artists impersonating guys or girls.”

DeSantis and enterprise consider that a primary possibility to “own the libs” in the “culture war,” even if it means turning on a dime and abandoning their “parental rights” line.

DeSantis is naturally keen to toss those people dad and mom beneath the bus if he thinks it will improve his vote totals in this November’s gubernatorial election and, prospectively, the 2024 GOP presidential primaries.

I’m not going to try out to offer you on drag displays, in particular for kids. In my minimal expertise (I attended a several this kind of shows with friends at “gay bars” again in the 1980s), they are quite entertaining, but typically function dancing, gown and humor with potent sexual overtones. I hear that “family-friendly” variations are a factor now, but haven’t witnessed those people and thus have no view on them.

What I am going to check out to offer you on is … perfectly, “parental rights.”

Getting a mum or dad indicates generating decisions, and when I hope you’ll make superior decisions, the forms of amusement you pick for your relatives are your organization. Not mine. Not Ron DeSantis’s. Yours.

Any politician who suggests usually must be punished, not applauded.

Thomas L. Knapp, director and senior news analyst, William Lloyd Garrison Centre for Libertarian Advocacy Journalism

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