Stadia Pro adds four new games including ‘F1 2020’ and ‘Hotline Miami’

To ring in the new year, Google has included four new titles to Stadia Professional: Ary and the Solution of SeasonsFigmentF1 2020, and Hotline Miami. All of all those titles are now accessible to perform with the $nine.99 membership, alongside with yet another unannounced title, El Hijo – A Wild West Tale, according to 9to5Google.

Open wheel racer F1 2020 is now accessible for $29.99, even though motion-RPG title Ary and the Solution of the Seasons is available at $39.99. Stadia describes $19.99 Figment as “a musical journey by way of the thoughts,” even though the hugely-rated indie prime-down shooter Hotline Miami generally goes for $nine.99. So in other words, there is a honest quantity of price in there for a $10 membership.

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