How To Put An End To The All Day Snack Request Battle ::

How numerous of us have frustratingly uttered the text “I did not indication up for this” in the previous 2 months? As considerably as I love my children, I’m not utilized to feeding them at residence all the time. Oh, how I overlook packed treats at playdates and faculty lunches… When you pack a thing there is no prospect for your boy or girl to complain or ask for a thing else from the cabinet. And seriously – when they are at faculty or daycare I can not even listen to the grievances. But now that we are all residence 24/seven, treats have taken in excess of – and snack requests have absent way up! 
Serious snacking is widespread for minimal children. Their appetites are all in excess of the spot, and they generally never complete their meals (or straight up refuse to eat), rather requesting their favourite snack thirty minutes later. Who can blame them?! A lot of of the parents I meet in my nourishment counseling observe converse of feeling discouraged that their boy or girl is not consuming nicely at meals, which generally leads to be concerned, then offering into snack requests all through the day simply because “at least they are consuming something”. Seem common? This cycle of serious snacking only perpetuates picky consuming and makes a great totally free-for-all (not what any of us need).
For older children (grown ups far too) serious snacking generally stems from a thing other than just bodily hunger. There

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