Dropping The Bottle And Transitioning To A Sippy Cup

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Just when you and your little a person were beginning to get accustomed to bottles, it is time to start transitioning to a sippy cup. Bottles may have appeared like this kind of a suffering at initially with obtaining the appropriate a person for your little a person, all the day-to-day washing, and the ugly drying racks on your counter, but now, they appear quite easy with the repetitive apply you have gotten in excess of the last various months. However, now it is time for nonetheless a different transition. Transitioning to a sippy cup can go truly well and may not be as poor as you imagine. Every day Mom is below to help you with strategies on what you can do to help your little a person ease into this new concept of consuming.

What is a sippy cup?

Sippy cups help to practice your child on how to drink from a cup with little to no spilling. Sippy cups commonly are built from plastic and have snap or screw-on lids. There are a ton of choices for sippy cups, shades and layouts, handles or no handles, and even unique forms of spouts. There is no appropriate or erroneous way to pick out a sippy cup and you may require to attempt out a couple unique versions and makes to see which a person your infant likes most effective! Believe of utilizing

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