30 Fashion And Beauty Brand Names Parents Are Giving Their Babies

30 Trend And Magnificence Brand Names Parents Are Offering Their Babies | HuffPost Daily life

Below, we’ve rounded up 30 manner and elegance model names that parents have preferred for their little ones and the quantity of newborns who had been supplied just about every identify in 2019. Even though we simply cannot affirm that the makes are the motive behind every newborn’s identify, it’s probable they impressed at the very least a portion of them.

Armani (712 boys, 515 girls)

Cartier (153 boys, 21 girls)

Dior (138 boys, 496 girls)

Hermes (twenty boys, 5 girls)

Kenzo (334 boys, 5 girls)

Madden (291 boys, fifty girls)

Oakley (686 boys, 902 girls)

Omega (fifty two boys, 16 girls)

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