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Relaxed Friday

Now every day is everyday Friday and placing on denims (that applied to be dressy everyday but now have slime-green finger-paint on them) no longer offers me the frisson of pleasure it applied to. Regretably, my household roundly turned down the notion of possessing Tuxedo Tuesday and Wetsuit Wednesday to mix points up. Fedora Friday acquired some traction, but then came the wonderful lice scare of 2020, so now I have to settle for Stained-Shirt Sunday.

The recreation of whodunnit making an attempt to determine out who could have perhaps stolen my lunch.

Now it is usually the exact perps, so it is less like a recreation of Clue and far more like a recreation of hide and look for fulfills the floor is lava in which I test to uncover a spot in the back of the fridge without having spilled applesauce the place I can hide the leftover pizza that I have been hoarding from my womb gremlins.

Staying capable to purchase giant chocolate bars the measurement of my femur to snack on at the office without having any guilt due to the fact it was in aid of the spawn of random coworkers’ hockey groups/scout troops/bail cash.

Shopping for a household measurement Kit Kat bar that I will scarf down in my beige Corolla on the way property from the grocery store so that my little ones don’t get their hot small fingers on it initial is nowhere close to as satisfying.

My Cubicle


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