Social Media Is Traumatizing Us More Than We Realize

Disturbing headlines aren’t new ― but thanks to social media, we’re far more exposed to them than ever.

From uninterrupted streaming of the Capitol riot in Washington, D.C., to video clips of police mistreating Black and brown people today to updates about the increasing COVID-19 demise toll, we’re continuously bombarded with doom. Social media offers the ideal space for any and anyone to share the most up-to-date info (and misinformation), as nicely as assessment. There is no break.

On harmony, we think we can take care of it mainly because we’re not breaking down each individual time we spot a further tragedy in our news feed. But is this actually a indicator we’re Ok or is it truly an indication that we’re hurting far more than we understand?

According to experts, consuming this continuous stream of unfavorable info can be traumatic.

Katie Working day Superior, an assistant professor of strategic communication at Miami University and the creator of “Bring the Entire world to the Little one: Technologies of Worldwide Citizenship in American Schooling,” stated social media can be a double-edged sword when it will come to comprehension tragedy or humanitarian crises. Though these platforms can enable us to much better recognize challenges plaguing some others and “prompt us to adopt behaviors and advocate for policy methods that convey positive change,” there is also the challenge of becoming impervious to tragedy mainly because we see so substantially of it, she discussed.

“Social media can desensitize us to tragedies by presenting

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