My Life as a Sister Wife ::

Of course, I have sister-wives. No, I’m not actually a polygamist.

I social parent (or co-mother or father, or multiparent – whatsoever term you opt for to use).

Social Parenting (or Sister Wife–ing as I like to connect with it) is the strategy of working by the days of baby-raising with yet another mother (or a number of) and her kids. It may perhaps not be every working day but it can be unquestionably extra days than not.

I joined forces with two amazing mothers, who we connect with them “the Stephs,” to tackle the worries of elevating energetic toddlers. Our walks and coffee dates shortly led to park dates, baking, and craft activities. This led to absolutely free enjoy (or “moms’ time to get better from the activity). Then it was lunch and nap time. But then we thought, why hassle packing up only to overlook the nap window. We all experienced playpens, so we put all our littles types to sleep and naptime grew to become do the job time for some, housework for other people, and time to operate errands by itself or eat lunch in peace. Our social parenting group was born. 

Our days grew to become a lot easier and two of the three homes had been considerably cleaner.

Sister-Spouse-ing is a fantastic principle. Two heads are greater than one, 4 eyes can see more, and four hands can make/repair/discover/cook/hug even extra. The extra we joked about our condition the extra intrigued I grew to

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