Coping With Intrusive Thoughts During The Pandemic ::


My little female was born at the begin of the Covid-19 pandemic. With a person total rotation around the sun just about full, my spouse and I have made the decision it’s time to attempt for an additional baby through I.V.F. 

After a telephone discussion with my wonderful physician, I was buzzing with excitement, an excitement that slowly turned to uncertainty as adverse feelings and nagging issues began to fill my head.

If I pick out to have an additional baby, what will the birth be like? Will I absence support? Will I be alone?  

Is bringing a little one in this recent entire world a egocentric act? What does the long term hold for us? Do I get the Covid-19 vaccine? These issues, and many additional, haunt me on a everyday basis. I know in my heart I want to offer with their intrusiveness head-on and so I do, working with strategies to bat them away permitting me to aim on the superior in my lifetime.

Below are a couple of of the ways I battle the feelings:

Smiling Even When I Really do not Sense Like It: 

At any supplied instant, you can catch me walking around the house smiling at my coffee mug, at my bagel with cream cheese, and when they are not barking at the courier delivering my most current impulse buy, my pet dogs. I feel foolish at very first and then begin to chortle at how preposterous I need to seem. I feel

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