The Mental And Emotional State Of Parents In 3 Words Or Fewer

It is risk-free to say we have all had a 12 months from hell. Dad and mom, in particular, have had it tough. If we have been lucky, we have stored our children alive and risk-free all through a supremely striving time, but our mental well being has experienced as a consequence. Some others, of course, have dealt with much, much worse.

It is no key, then, that mothers and fathers throughout the state (and the entire world, really) are fried. So we questioned our Fb group to reveal their present-day mental and psychological condition in a few words or less.

Here’s what they had to say.

Surviving not flourishing
Decision fatigued, exhausted
exhausted. bored.
muddling as a result of
grateful, happy, damaged
nervous, exhausted, pissed off
”just. continue to keep. swimming”
exhausted, hopeful, grateful
Hopeful careful drained
Finished. Just performed.
Building it perform.
dropping my mind
Frustrated, exhausted and performed
Exhausted, unhappy, drained.
further crispy
Exhausted. Heartbroken. Hopeful.
Frazzled, exhausted, grateful
survival mode
overwhelmed and dependable
emotionally bankrupt
exhausted, unfortunate, hopeful
Exhausted. Grateful. Hopeful.
Exhausted, broke, bored

Exhausted. Cautiously optimistic
Mentally fragile…bodily drained and obtaining a covid divorce.
Hopeful. More powerful. Very pleased.
Burned out. Hopeful.
Exhausted, nervous, depressed
Exhausted but hopeful
Pressured, exhausted, hopeful
Emotion additional related
Pressured but blessed
Frustrated. Grateful. Mixed.
Need to have A Family vacation
Cabin fever, exhaustion.
Sh*t display ringmaster
Humble, grateful, hopeful
Brittle, stabby, grateful
Grateful, loved, lucky
Drained. Emotional. Protecting
Isolated, insufficient, and unbalanced.
Exhausted, mentally fried, pissed off
All well being important

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