The New Plasma Lighter X. Everything You Loved about The Original Plasma Lighter—Times Two!

When we introduced the plasma lighter a year and a half ago, we had no idea it would be a hit, but man-oh-man did everyone love it. In fact, it quickly became one of our bestselling items, but hey, who doesn’t love setting things on fire with an arc of purple plasma, am I right?

So then we started thinking, “How can we make this even better? How do you top the power of a freakin’ flameless lighter?” Then the answer struck us. It was so clear—two freakin’ lighting bolts!

Featuring two intersecting plasma arcs, the Plasma Lighter X is fully rechargeable, completely windproof, and probably the most interesting lighter anyone’s ever seen. And it makes the ladies swoon. They just can’t help it.

It’s everything you ever loved about the original plasma lighter—times two! Twice the plasma and, **get this** twice the color options!

Plasma Lighter X—now available at in both black and silver.

And there’s more.

The button has been relocated to the thin edge to make the lighter easier to use, and built in to each lighter is a safety feature that prevents it from igniting when the lid is closed.

Plus, each lighter has also been professionally etched with it’s own distinctive logo and comes complete with a micro USB cable for charging.

Look, regular old lighters are riddled with problems. They run out of fuel, they fail to light half the time, and they can’t even stand up to a light breeze.

Plasma Lighter X is better than all of that.

It lights every single time with the press of a button; it’s totally windproof, and **bonus** you’re lighting fires with freaking lightning bolts.

What’s not to love? Do the only responsible thing and sell your kidneys to buy 1,000 of these immediately.

Oh, I almost forgot! Here’s the best part: You won’t need to pay twice as much for a product twice as good, so if you were thinking this was going to be $50, well think again!

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