This Is How America Eats Pizza

It is no solution Individuals have viewpoints about pizza. From the price of crusts to the acceptability of pineapple as a topping, numerous pizza debates have cropped up on Twitter in excess of the many years.

In honor of Countrywide Pizza Day, Grubhub determined to share some difficult data and get rid of gentle on America’s pizza preferences. The meals delivery support calculated the most popular toppings, the “trendiest” pizzas, the states that get the most and even some regional distinctions.

Pepperoni often dominates pizza topping popularity lists.&nbsp

Pepperoni usually dominates pizza topping attractiveness lists. 

According to Grubhub, the most-requested pizza topping in 2019 was pepperoni, followed by mushroom, sausage, eco-friendly pepper and black olive. The condition that had the highest proportion of pizza orders out of general Grubhub orders was Connecticut (shoutout to New Haven design). Rhode Island, Arizona, Florida and Illinois rounded out the list.

The “trendiest” pizza of the calendar year was Margherita ― which also signifies the form of pizza that spiked the most in attractiveness in 2019 compared with 2018.

Trendiest Pizzas Of The Year

  1. Margherita pizza — 985% extra popular

  2. Garlic supreme pizza — 981% extra popular

  3. Mac and cheese pizza — 935% extra popular

  4. Hen, ranch and bacon pizza — 911% extra popular

  5. Neapolitan pizza — 856% extra popular

Grubhub also broke down the trendiness data by region, identifying which varieties of pizzas greater the most in attractiveness in their respective locations from 2018 to 2019. Apparently the Midwest was all about Detroit deep-dish, whilst the Northeast desired extra of the traditional Neapolitan design. In the West, pesto pizza jumped in attractiveness, whilst it was supreme in the South.


  1. Detroit deep-dish pizza: 983% extra popular

  2. Gluten-no cost pizza: 513% extra popular

  3. Margherita pizza: 402% extra popular

  4. Taco pizza: 273% extra popular

  5. Mac and cheese pizza: 270% extra popular


  1. Neapolitan pizza: 554% extra popular

  2. Brooklyn pizza: 331% extra popular

  3. Sicilian pizza: 267% extra popular

  4. Buffalo hen pizza: 153% extra popular

  5. Bruschetta pizza: 141% extra popular


  1. Supreme pizza: 193% extra popular

  2. Greek pizza: 189% extra popular

  3. Hen barbecue pizza: 171% extra popular

  4. Mexican pizza: 150% extra popular

  5. Spinach and artichoke pizza: 137% extra popular


  1. Pesto pizza: 248% extra popular

  2. Every thing pizza: 223% extra popular

  3. Backyard garden pizza: 108% extra popular

  4. Mexican pizza: 105% extra popular

  5. Hawaiian hen pizza: ninety eight% extra popular

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