Thoughts on cancelling student debt

A single of the most wonderful campuses ever. UC Santa Barbara wherever my son went to school.

I want to know what your ideas are about cancelling pupil debt. The latest administration is looking at cancelling $10,000 per debt holder. Some are pushing for $50,000.

Personally, I believe that a deal is a agreement. If you cancel a bank loan for higher education, why prevent there? Why not cancel home loans, auto financial loans and credit card financial debt? Of program, for all those loans there is the solution to file for bankruptcy. But not with pupil loans. Probably that regulation should really be overturned?

What does this say to those who chose to enlist in the army to support pay back for their schooling? Or those people who selected local community higher education not to point out those people who paid out their financial loans? What about individuals who entered into trades like electricians, contractors, plumbers and hair dressers? Should they be paying out for a physician or trainer who has a ton of personal debt?

The place is the financial debt does not magically go away. It will get passed on to the rest of us. Numerous universities have enormous foundations. I’m not from the institutions forgiving debt. They could do it.

What do you believe? If you disagree with me, you should enable me know what I’m missing. I certainly want to know other details of watch. What methods do you recommend for overpowering student loan financial debt?

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